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Attracting and Retaining the Millennial Generation

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A simple equation:

Happy employees= Positive Brand Image= High Productivity

The millennial generation are those who were born in the late 1990s to early 2000s. They are a powerful generation, who look for security, career development with variety, challenging situations, training and development, plus the ability to demonstrate creativity in their role.

Inspiring Office Environment

Companies who provide an innovative and inspiring office space, allow for employees to be more creative, inhibits ideas and allows for genuine rest. By looking after employees and creating a more relaxed working environment, companies will be better positioned in the marketplace against their competitors.

Personal Growth and Entrepreneurship Spirit

Millennials want companies to provide continual opportunities for training and growth. They’re hard working and wish to gain experience and progress within a company. Companies who provide frequent training and feedback will retain more millennials in comparison to those who don’t.

Millennials want their thoughts and opinions to count, in order to help grow and improve the business further. By contributing to the decision making process, they believe that the company values them. A good example of a company showing this, is by inviting an employee to sit in a board meeting.

It’s Not All About The Money

Millennials despite leaving University with a minimum of £27k of student loans, would still prefer to work with a company with more preferential than financial benefits. As a result of this, different management styles need to be implemented, offering flexible working schedules, a fun office environment, and community spirit within the team.

Corporate Culture

In order to attract millennials, a company needs to promote their values to potential candidates. This will aid in talent attraction, and once a company has hired an employee who matches these values, there will be further professional and personal involvement. A way to really show company culture is by sharing employee testimonials, exhibiting at corporate events and more transparent.

Companies can make use of the tips identified by implementing social recruitment software to aid with the recruitment process plus, HR software to aid with the employees’ journey with the company. Track the amount of training they have received, work out flexible working hours and reflect on employee reviews.

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