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How To Build Super High Quality Talent Pools

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Finding the ideal candidate takes a lot of time and effort, and timing is critical. The perfect candidate may have applied for a role with your business months ago but you didn’t have a position for them then, or they may never have applied for a role with you before and you need to go out and find them.
Either way, you need to be able to identify these candidates quickly and easily.  When you need them, you probably need them immediately, not after months of tracking them down.

Auto-tag candidates based on their skills.

If you want to build up a super high-quality talent pool, as candidates apply for positions with your business, you need to make sure that you spend the appropriate amount of time tagging and categorising their skill set and experiences. With Tribepad, you can configure the solution to automatically tag candidates when certain keywords or phrases are identified in their application.

For example:

If a candidate’s application states that they have a CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing) foundation level certificate and that they have several years experience in a blue chip business (FTSE 100 or Fortune 500 etc.), then you can tag them as “Marketing Director Opportunity”. This example would work well if you’re a smaller business (FTSE 350 or Fortune 1000 etc.), as the candidate in question will more than likely be looking for their next opportunity at a higher level with a smaller business.


Auto-tag candidates based on how they came across your business.

You can also automatically tag candidates based on where you met them or how they came across your business.

For example:

If you attended the South by South West (SXSW) conference in Austin, Texas in 2016 to find software engineers, then you could hand out a business card with a unique url on (such as Everyone who goes to that landing page can automatically be tagged in your Applicant Tracking System as “SxSW 2016 Engineer”. That way, when you’re later looking to recruit for a software engineer in central US, you have a pool of talent right there that not only contains candidates with the right credentials but also in the right location.

Manually tag candidates.

With the Tribepad platform, you can also manually tag candidates. If you see the profile for the “SxSW 2016 Engineer” as described above, and then see that they actually have a finance degree and experience with e-Commerce platforms, you could choose to also tag them with
“Billing” and “PCI Compliance”.

Save searches to keep talent pools up to date.

Tagging enhances the normal search mechanisms and allows you to find candidates at a greater level of detail far quicker. To take it even further, you can then create a “Saved Search” so that, as new candidates apply for roles and get matched against the aforementioned tags, they automatically get pulled into the relevant talent pool. That means that you can have a number of “evergreen” roles that never have a deadline and suitable candidates with all of the correct skills and experiences will show up when required.

For example:

You could create talent pools such as “Marketing Managers”, “Marketing Directors”, “Digital Marketing Executives” and you could define the skills and experiences required for each. So Digital Marketing executives would need experience of MOZ or SEMRush (or something similar) whereas the Marketing Managers and Directors might just need SEO or SEM on their profiles.

As more people apply for roles in your business your talent pools automatically increase in size as the platform identifies and indexes

Advertise jobs to specific talent pools to reduce Time to Hire.

Let’s take it one step further; you can even push information and job ads to candidates in a specific talent pool so that you are targeting your roles to the people who are able to actually do the job. This drastically reduces the Time to Hire (TTH) for your business as well as meaning that your candidate experience is far better.

Use an Automation Service like IFTTT

Want to get really creative? Why not implement an ‘If This Then That’ (IFTTT) sequence. IFTTT is a web-based service that automates processes based on an ‘if this happens, then do this’ logic structure.

For example:

IF someone with a degree in marketing applies for a role in London and has previously worked at Google

THEN email them the ‘What it’s like to work in Marketing at our company’ straight away and follow it up 7 days later with an email on
‘Working for our company The Perks & The Benefits’.

Through IFTTT, you are not only adding candidates to your high-quality talent pool, but you’re prepping them for applying for a role at your company that may suit them in the future.

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