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CV SEARCH; Filtering by Questions and Answers

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Have you been making use of CV SEARCH?

How do you use CV SEARCH? Are you simply typing in a candidate’s name, or email address?

Recruiters using Tribepad to locate the best candidates from a large talent pool in the Applicant Tracking System quicker and easier. How? With Boolean and semantic searching. This simple and easy to learn search is often overlooked. Recruiters that make use of Boolean have the ability to search for multiple keywords, locations, previous experience and job titles. For example: Last Job Title: “Project Manager” AND (“Sheffield” OR “Manchester”). This will present recruiters with results that identify candidates whose last role was as a Project Manager and that live in Sheffield or Manchester. More about Boolean searching can be read on the Tribepad blog.
For a full list of searchable fields visit:

But there’s a lot more to CV SEARCH than just Boolean searching, so what do Tribepad provide and what’s new?

Current features from Tribepad

Tribepad’s social recruitment platform ensures that talent to be located efficiently in comparison to just searching by name, or email for example. It provides specific results through filters that can be used on their own, or all at once.

  • Filter by Tags; Locate talent quickly by searching on tags or key phrases added to a candidates application. Or locate talent before tagging and adding to talent pools.
  • Filter by Job Reference; Know the reference number of the job but forgotten a candidate’s name? No problem, search for the reference number to return the vacancy and applications for those candidates that have applied to that specific role.
  • Filter by Salary; You’ve found a hive of top talent, but do their salary expectations match that of the vacancy?
  • Filter by Location; Instantly see results appear in front of you! Choose the country, location and the distance from the current location to find talent situated close to the vacancy advertised
  • Filter by Job Level; Choose what level of talent you require i.e. Students, Experienced Candidates, Managers or Executives for example
  • Filter by Status and Availability; Without manually sifting through thousands of CVs, identify candidates based on whether they’re actively looking for work, open to new opportunities, employed, unemployed, or the type of work they are looking for i.e. contract, full-time or part-time
  • Filter by Industry Sector; Find candidates with industry experience!
  • Filter by Type of candidate; Instantly locate internal or external applicants or users in the system

Filtering by questions and answers enables the recruiter to find the perfect candidate for the vacancy based on their responses. In return, the time to hire is reduced, advertising costs minimised and recruiter’s time saved.

So what’s new?

This week, Tribepad has launched a new feature that enables recruiters to not only make use of Boolean and Semantic searches and existing filters, but the ability to search on questions, and answers provided by the candidate at any pre-screening questionnaire stage. The search can be further refined with the ability to search for multiple answers instead of just the one, filtering out talent that has a higher answer success rate than others. Take a look at how it works!

Once the job has been posted, questionnaire created and candidates applied, the recruiter can begin the filtering process to identify to right talent for the role.

CV Searching Recruitment Platform

CV Searching Recruitment Platform

When logged into the recruitment platform, select ‘CV Search’, and on the left hand side you’ll notice a list of available filters. By selecting ‘Filter by Question’ a pop up box will appear titled ‘Add question and answer filters’.

CV Searching Recruitment Platform

At this stage you have the ability to choose an existing questionnaire if you’re only wanting results from candidates who have submitted answers for a particular questionnaire. Alternatively, leave this blank and search the entire database based on a question from the dropdown box followed by a desired answer.

CV Searching Recruitment Platform

CV Searching Recruitment Platform
Once you’ve selected the question you want to search for, choose the appropriate answer and select ‘Add’ prior to choosing ‘Filter’. You can search for more than one question and answer, and apply multiple filters to really refine the results.

How will this benefit the recruiter?

The new feature is highly beneficial to the recruiter, with clients already stating how much time it’s saving them. This additional filter, aids in talent selection locating specific candidates from a large existing talent pool by searching on questions asked and answers received from candidates during the pre-screening stage. This will result in a reduction in time to hire as more refined results will be available when using the new filter, less vacancy marketing needed as candidates will be identified in existing talent pools without the need to advertise the role and recruiter costs minimised due to the simplified process. Recruiters will fill vacancies with more qualified talent, reducing employee turnover and training costs.

If you would like to find out more about CV searching or any other of the ATS features, please feel free to contact your Account Manager.

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