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Haystack and needle? There are easier ways to find your jobseekers

Tags: CRM and Talent Pooling

We already have great faceted and boolean search functionality within Tribepad, but we have also recently launched jobseeker and employee tagging.  This feature allows hiring managers to add relevant tags to a jobseeker’s profile so that the jobseeker, or group of jobseekers, can be found really quickly in the future.

One use for this may be for a job that you know you are likely to advertise in 5 months’ time.  Between that time you might use the Tribepad CV search functionality and notice candidates that you think would be ideal.  Or maybe you’ve spotted a jobseeker posting in the Tribepad forums, or collaborating in one of the groups, and you think they may be one to watch out for.   In those cases, you can simply click on the candidates’ tag icon and add a relevant tag to their profile.

Let’s say that you know you are going to advertise an Agile Software Project Manager role in a few months.  The screenshot below shows how you would add two tags to a candidate – one to show that the candidate is going to be in your company’s Software Development talent pool, and another to say that the candidate is also in your “Agile PMs” hit list.

Quickly find your job seekers by using Tribepad tags


You’ll notice the two different colours.  The pink tag is one that you have created for your private use and isn’t viewable by other hiring managers, whereas the peach coloured tag is a public tag and might represent a global talent pool for your organisation.

Now, any time in the future you can use the new tag filter in Tribepad’s CV search.

Find candidates more easily with Tribepad tagging

Simply just click on the tags that you wish to search on and Tribepad will return a list of all your candidates with those tags.  Don’t forget you can further refine those results by using all the other faceted and boolean search features, too!

You can also use tagging to highlight which of your staff are at risk, those that are in your hot 100 (or cold 100), or for organising your staff by organisational unit, the uses are pretty much endless.


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