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Introducing Tribepad Flex – Powering total in-house contractor management

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Using Tribepad Flex, our clients typically reduce agency spend by 50%. They also slash time-to-mobilise by 70% or more – often filling shifts in minutes. 

Tribepad Flex is cloud-based contractor management software that’s both extremely powerful and extremely easy-to-use. (That’s why Flex won TIARA Talent Tech’s ‘Contactor Solution of the Year 2020’, don’t’cha know?!)

Tribepad Flex empowers you to efficiently and easily handle end-to-end recruitment and management in-house for all your freelancers, contractors, temps and locums. (Or whatever you call them…)

Keep reading to learn how Tribepad Flex works and what ROI you can expect. 

Let’s go.


How Tribepad Flex Works


Tribepad Flex: What ROI can you expect?

Using Tribepad Flex, you’ll typically reduce agency spend by 50%, plus slash time-to-mobilise by 70% or more.

But that’s not all. You can also expect:

  • More repeat bookings from trusted contractors 
  • Increased contractor productivity and faster time-to-productivity
  • Improved end customer/client service ratings
  • Increased hiring manager satisfaction scores
  • Decreased payment admin time (often by 75% or more)

Plus, as burnout becomes increasingly rife and flexible working becomes a bigger priority, there’s a global workforce evolution happening. Forward-looking businesses are embracing contingent talent not just for ad-hoc cover or occasional projects but as instrumental to business growth.

Tribepad Flex can guide this evolution, empowering the business to support flexible working on a whole new level. And when you do that – especially now, while you’re leading a trend, not following the pack – you can expect:

  • Increased employee and contractor engagement
  • Improved retention and decreased churn
  • Easier, faster, more affordable recruitment
  • Higher application volume from better candidates

In other words, all stuff that adds up to one thing: an edge, in how you recruit, hire and retain your workforce. 

To explore how Tribepad Flex could transform how you work with contractors and save you 000s, book a short demo now.

TLT & BBC Tribepad Flex

How Tribepad Flex works

Tribepad Flex is cloud-based contractor management software for end-to-end in-house contractor management:

  • Sourcing
  • Invoicing
  • Hiring
  • Compliance
  • Onboarding
  • Nurturing
  • Reviewing
  • Reporting
  • Timesheeting


Invite contractors to sign-up and create a profile in moments, showcasing their skills, history, documentation, rates and availability. Then add tags, to segment your database into talent pools.

  • Invite your current freelancer workforce 
  • Invite new contractors to apply
  • Invite preferred agencies to submit contractors 

Surface relevant contractors fast using advanced search, ranking and filtering. Then send individual or bulk invites for jobs and shifts, in a click.

Or create multi-media, internally compliant jobs in seconds. Host them through a fully branded Find Jobs portal that contractors can use to search, apply and set job alerts. (Read why the contractor candidate experience matters so much). 

Finding contractors based on availability


Tribepad Flex’s straightforward, intuitive dashboard gives recruiters an at-a-glance overview of recruitment activity across all projects, contracts and shifts. Easily review contractor applications and sign-off hires with one-click booking (with automatic alerts to stop double booking). 

View upcoming roles in a simple calendar with filtering options by client or job role, to increase visibility over future needs and power more proactive recruitment. 

Offering contractor the role


Welcome new hires with a configurable multi-media onboarding workflow, tailored to their specific role. Trigger onboarding with a click when you book contractors. 

Automate collecting everything you need from contractors – like references, signed contracts and encrypted payment info – and delivering everything they need to do a great job. Like hiring manager contact details, directions or relevant background info.

Contractor profile with referencing and checks


Tribepad Flex empowers line managers to add feedback and performance reviews onto contractors’ profiles. So bookers can easily see who’s performing well on-the-ground.

Rehire the right people – and empower hiring managers to rehire their favourites without maverick hiring (and maverick spend you can’t track!) 

Timesheeting and invoicing

Auto-generate provisional timesheets from raised shifts, for workers to review, edit and submit for approval in moments. Then auto-generate invoices once timesheets are approved, for hassle-free payment admin via payroll, limited company or umbrella company. 

So contractors get paid right, on-time, every time (the secret to loyal workers who’ll gig for you again and again). And so you have visibility over your contractor spend, without black holes. 

Contractor timesheet

Compliance and revalidation

Gain clarity over compliance with centrally stored documentation against contractor profiles. 

With automatic document expiry alerts both for you and contractors, to make revalidation simple and protect the business from accidental non-compliance. And remove the need for endless document chasing. Because nobody’s got time for that.


Keep your flexible workers engaged, with integrated email and SMS. Including easily customisable email templates. For example, promote upcoming roles, prompt contractors to update their availability or notify about new compliance requirements. 

Plus see at-a-glance from your Flex dashboard how engaged your candidates are, so you can spot if you need to take action (or how well your engagement campaigns have been working). 


Condense your contractor management processes into one central, secure, cloud-based platform – to gain control over the mountains of data your recruitment process generates.

Tribepad Flex has excellent reporting functionality, harnessing your data to increase visibility around how you work with contractors. So you can spot and close IR35 vulnerabilities and provide an automatic audit trail. 

And also so you can shine a light on inefficiencies and identify incremental opportunities to improve

Tribepad Flex in Action: Nightingale

Nightingale is an online marketplace connecting locum healthcare professionals with nationwide healthcare service providers who need cover, powered by Tribepad Flex. Nightingale users typically save up to 50% compared to using an agency and spend 70% less time recruiting.

Nightingale App Case Study

With Nightingale, healthcare professionals earn 20% more – and healthcare businesses pay 20% less. For example, a group of eight GP practices recently achieved £50,000 in annual savings by using Nightingale instead of a staffing agency. 

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