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Joined Up Recruiting

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I’m breaking from the “how to” posts this week with an extra post on joined up recruiting to mark Tribepads recent win at the Recruiter Awards in the Best Technology Innovation category for 2012. As the resident guest blogger on the Tribepads blog, I wanted to take the opportunity to congratulate the team on the win, and explain a little more about why I rank this product as best in class. I will continue with the “how to integrate social recruiting” series later this week.

Tribepad bill them as a social recruiting platform, but I see them more as the holistic recruiting platform that maximises activity (and more importantly data) from the past, from now and from the future. The problem with changing recruiting technology in the past has been that you need to go through a complicated process of data transfer that never quite works the way you planned, and there’s usually a necessity to make some of the technology redundant. It’s costly and time consuming, particularly during the period of implementation.

As social recruiting has evolved, recruiters have started adopting different apps and tools that simplify the process, as well as using multiple channels. The up shot of this has been that data has relating to candidates has been stored in multiple places. The final destination for applications by candidates has been the ATS. Tracking is often at best the source of the click through rather than the source of attraction and candidate engagement. This makes any level of real analytics to see what is working very difficult.

ATS’s have mostly been built for information storage rather than information retrieval, and were mostly built to distance candidates from people. It’s often a black hole that hides the data, and the result has been not good in terms of candidate experience. What companies really need is a solution that solves all of these problems, and for the clients I have worked with over the last year, Tribepad has offered the solution that pulls everything together. You can add as much or as little functionality as you need.

Tribepad offers:

  • Collaborative working. You can easily integrate feeds from other channels, your Applicant Tracking System, career site, social channels and all of your existing recruiting tech. This enables a one flow process from multiple channels.
  • Talent network or talent community. G4S have integrated traditional a series of active forums that provide a place for engagement in all directions. There’s also the facility to integrate a talent network that potential candidates can sign up for with one click, exporting data from other social places like LinkedIn to be kept up to date with relevant content and data. Talent networks can be built for internal staff, perfect for managing internal mobility.
  • Mobile. Tribepad is fully mobile compatible offering candidates full functionality whatever device they use to access it.
  • Search. Tribepad is built to support all methods of search including Boolean. This reactivates all the data in the Applicant Tracking System, and matches jobs with candidates to suggest matches from known candidates.
  • Job templates. One entry point for job specs converts the job for SEO purposes, matches with internal profiles and existing candidate data.
  • Recruiter dashboard. The recruiter interface is built for easy use, enabling the recruiters to follow, control and update the process from one place.
  • Analytics. Having an end-to-end process means every action is tracked and reported, giving analytics front to back end.
  • Multi-lingual. Tribepad is built to support multiple languages, offering genuine global potential.

These are the features that make me believe this award is well deserved. If you are seeking a middleware solution, or recognise some of the problems I’ve outlined, you should take a look. It’s the joined up recruiting solution.


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