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Mobile first! Why it’s essential to recruitment and your applicant tracking system

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The world has become more mobile and its impact can be seen everywhere, including the recruitment industry. At the tap of a small screen, recruiters can do their job on the go and candidates are able to search and apply for vacancies. That means mobile is now more vital than ever to the recruitment process and companies need an applicant tracking system (ATS) ready for the modern world.

The data behind mobile use in recruitment

When we built Tribepad ATS, we made sure that mobile was part of our thinking from the outset. We saw where the world was going and developed recruitment software that would look great and work perfectly on every device.

And it’s a good job, because the data shows just how important mobile has become in the recruitment world. Did you know that 77% of job searches are now done on mobile devices?

This chart displays the number of impressions Tribepad ATS received by operating system across all our clients in one week.

Windows 10 (which itself includes devices such as the Microsoft Surface) is out in front, with nearly 13 million impressions (22%). With more than 12 million impressions (21%), iOS (iPhones and iPads) comes a close second, followed by devices running Android (18%). Windows 7 is close behind Android with Mac OS accounting for less than half of Windows 7 sessions. And there’s still a lot of Windows XP (8%) out there folks.

So we can conclude that desktop devices account for around 60% of impressions and mobile devices 40%. But remember that a recruiter or hiring manager using a desktop device will look at more parts of our ATS, thereby registering far more impressions.

If we dig more deeply into the kind of browser people are using, we can see that Chrome is by far the most popular across all platforms, with around 26 million sessions per week. In second place is Safari, with around 10 million sessions per week. It’s worth thinking about browser versions too; across all browser types only about 80% of users are on the latest version. With Chrome in particular more than 10% of users were more than four versions behind the latest release!

Mobile for recruiters and hiring managers

Recruiters and candidates use different devices for different tasks; laptops or PCs for creating vacancies, tablets for sifting candidates and phones for searching for vacancies. We see a consistent pattern among candidates initially searching for jobs on a phone, then completing their application on a desktop device or tablet later on. Likewise, we can see recruiters and hiring managers using desktop devices during working hours, then catching up on a mobile device in the evening. If you are running a company of any size, you can’t afford to use an ATS that doesn’t offer a first-class mobile experience.

As a recruiter or hiring manager, being able to work while on the move is extremely handy. An ATS designed to work on mobile gives you the freedom to manage your entire recruitment process any time and from any place.

Better accessibility means better candidates

Providing the highest levels of accessibility across devices and browsers is key to attracting not just more candidates, but better candidates too. Our data shows that people use mobile to search for and flick through the latest job opportunities wherever they are. Companies who don’t have a mobile strategy and a mobile-ready ATS are missing out on those candidates.

Ultimately, it’s about reaching as many people as possible. If you want the best, you need to remove barriers. If candidates want to find your jobs via mobile, make sure that they can. Put an ATS in place that helps your company leave no one behind.

Learn about Tribepad ATS

Tribepad ATS is an award-winning, mobile-first applicant tracking system used by some of the biggest organisations in the world. Learn more about its features and how it works or contact one of our team for an informal chat – just email or phone us on 0114 3122 110.

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