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MOVERS AND SHAKERS – how internal mobility is high on the agenda

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Internal mobilityToday’s organisations move at a rate of knots and keeping the “talented” workforce engaged with the business on an on-going basis from a career perspective is one of the hardest challenges a resourcing function faces.

Unfortunately, organisations do little more than post job opportunities to advertise to internal employees to fill vacant positions. There is little control over whether the best employees are aware of the opportunities available or that they feel confident to pursue those opportunities. Succession planning processes and leadership development programs typically focus on the top 10% of the company, but the majority of positions that are filled internally are left to the self-nomination approach.

This approach to internal mobility has significantly limited the effectiveness of the resourcing function from an internal talent perspective and continues to widen the gap between talent acquisition and talent management. Getting internal mobility right presents one of the best opportunities for the resourcing team to drive change and truly become a strategic business partner in an organisation.

All too often, due to resource and technology constraints, there tends to be silos that “manage” their internal talent very well but we identified there is a shortfall in supporting this from a holistic perspective. Being able to provide the internal talent with ongoing dialogue about jobs opportunities /new business deals/ new acquisitions / new locations / new products is key to keeping your “talented” workforce engaged and keeping in mind there are options to move internally. It’s not just about jobs – its information, its content, its giving the guy the tools to be able to explore his own organisation.

Tribepad assists the internal mobility process by “bringing to life” the internal talent population so they can continue on their career path within the business. It allows you to identify the internal population easily and be able to market to them in a variety of different ways.

I have asked our guest blogger Bill Boorman (@BillBoorman) and the very talented Craig Fisher (aka @fishdogs) for their thoughts on internal mobility and how they see this becoming more important in the future too. Watch the video to see what they are saying.

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