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Tribepad adds live video interviewing and smart language translations to its video platform

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Leading recruitment software provider, Tribepad, has today announced the launch of two new features to its award-winning video interviewing platform: Live Interviews and Smart Translations. The new additions come at a crucial time when organisations are seeking new ways to recruit during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Tribepad’s video interviewing software is used by its customers including The BBC, Selfridges and Compass Group to shorten the hiring process, with a reported 90% decrease in interview costs. Crucially video maintains human interaction and ensures candidates are able to put forward the best version of themselves, and recruiters can find the highest quality candidates.

The new features are now available for Tribepad’s customers as part of its commitment to driving technology innovation in the recruitment process and helping people make better hiring decisions.

Live Video Interviewing

Tribepad’s video interviewing platform now allows up to three recruiters or hiring managers to join a live video call with a candidate. Enabling simple one-to-one interviews or full panel-based assessments.

Candidates don’t need to download any applications or browser plugins and can be used on any modern device with a web-browser, so completion rates are higher than using general video-conferencing tools. The service is also completely private to the organisation, so no chance of Zoom-bombing!

Scheduling interviews and storing the recordings mean a clear and compliant audit trail is available, so organisations can be confident in delivering a fair and consistent hiring process, while fully complying with GDPR.

Video Interviewing Translations

Smart Translations

Tribepad’s new Smart Translations makes it easy for recruiters to find talent internationally. The system itself is available in 11 languages including Chinese and Arabic. But the really smart bit is that the candidate’s spoken answers can be translated quickly using AI-enabled speech-to-text transcription, back into English or any of the other available languages.

This will have huge benefits for businesses with operations across different territories. Rather than holding individual interviews in different languages with different hiring managers, the process can be streamlined and means recruitment teams need only one interview process to understand if the candidate would be right for the role.

For the candidate, they’re able to interview in the language they feel most comfortable in; meaning they’re able to speak about their passions, experience and skills more fluently.

Commenting on the launch of the new features, Dean Sadler, founder and CEO says: “Some organisations have been benefiting from video interviews in their recruitment process for years, but now almost all organisations are seeing the opportunity to deliver a better candidate experience which is also more efficient. Our new Live Interview feature means organisations can replace their face-to-face interviews and assessment centres with a web-based solution during the lock-down.”

“Smart Translations will mean that our clients’ increasingly global workforces can recruit across geographic and language barriers, ensuring decision-makers can hire candidates quickly, and based on their own assessments.”

“This tech will also not just benefit businesses, but job-seekers too. Every enhancement we make to our platforms has to champion and benefit the end-user, and we truly believe technology such as ours gives the candidate an even greater chance of being hired in the right role for them.”

About Tribepad

Tribepad is a specialist talent acquisition software provider, serving some of the UK’s best-known organisations such as the BBC, Tesco, KFC, Sodexo, Serco, G4S and The Church of England. Its award-winning software, which includes its Applicant Tracking System, Video Interviewing, Onboarding and Freelance Management solutions, help organisations save time and money in the recruitment process, while delivering a great user experience. Its software is used by more than 20 million people and is available in 15 languages worldwide.

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