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#TruLondon – Community or J.I.T

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So the intrepid traveller Bill Boorman brings the #tru carnival back to London this September for the 4th time (has there been 4?!) and I am delighted to be heading up the Community or J.I.T recruiting track for him!

It’s a great event and brings the very best of the recruiting industry together under one roof – the events headline sponsor is Jobsite, the leading UK online recruitment site and has over 40 tracks running over the two days.

If you haven’t attended an unconference before the first time can seem a little “left side” but once you understand the emphasis is on conversation, communication and the free exchange of ideas and experiences then its a brilliant learning environment. Participants come from the people space, usually made up of Recruiters, corporate and third-party, Human Resources, Talent Acquisition, Technology Developers and Vendors etc which by their different angles on recruiting can make for lively debate!

One of the big discussions both off and online is about Talent Communities and how these can be efficiently deployed in large disparate organisations with geographical and cultural boundaries and how the recruiters role has to adapt/change to “engage” as opposed to being totally “transactional”. The “Just in time” model is also subject to conjecture based on the ability to adopt “lean” techniques to the recruiting model without having to become a Six Sigma specialist!

I am particularly interested in talking about how these models can run in parallel to create the “ultimate” recruiting experience for all parties – candidate/recruiter/hiring manager.

Join me on Thursday 2nd September along with a host of great people from all over the globe for what will be a great event!

Click here to book tickets – there are only 100 so don’t delay!

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