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Tribepad Gro

No frills, no fuss. No better way to Gro.

Ready built, ready-to-go recruitment software for growing teams. Take your recruitment to the next level with Tribepad Gro.

Recruitment software that makes growing painless.

As your business grows, you can start to outgrow your hiring processes.

So instead of fuelling growth, recruitment stalls it.

Ditch the HR admin and liberate your people teams: this is Tribepad Gro. Out-of-the-box recruitment software with all the fundamentals you need to supercharge hiring. And none of the extras you don’t.

From £500/month. See pricing
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Danny Sutcliffe

Talent tech to take your recruitment to the next level

Sorry, agencies and advertisers.

Talent Search is the powerful candidate database and precision search engine at the heart of Tribepad Gro.

Advanced tagging, search, filtering, and AI suggestion brings the cream to the top, fast. Stop lining agencies’ pockets: Tribepad Gro puts great candidates at your fingertips.

New starters, faster.

Create beautiful, SEO-ready, multi-media jobs in moments, with ready-to-go job templates. Distribute jobs fast to job boards and social media with a click, and host jobs through a simple branded jobs page. With AI-assisted screening to sift through applications.

Get off the treadmill: Tribepad Gro makes this stuff simple.

Catch candidates on-the-go.

Keep candidates engaged with two-way email and SMS, without leaving your Tribepad Gro dash.

Modern, mobile comms for speedy, successful hiring. Everything Tribepad is mobile-first. Move over, dinosaurs.

Biased against bias.

Make being inclusive the easy option. Anonymous Applications automatically removes identifying candidate info that might trigger unconscious bias.

Stop the bias and make talent your biggest priority.

Painless preboarding.

Tribepad Gro comes with embedded digital contract management, with simple contract templates. To make preboarding painless and compliance easy.

Give your newest team members a first experience they’ll remember for the right reasons.

Uncomplicated reporting.

Report on every important part of your recruitment, like time-to-hire, diversity, and candidate experience. With 60+ standard reporting templates, Insights makes it easy to learn as you grow.

Plenty of support (that you won’t need)

Tribepad Gro comes with great training and support…

  • UK-based support team

  • Customer support portal

  • Live enablement training

  • Embedded platform training

  • Self-service training library

  • Free training webinars

…but frankly, it’ll be wasted on you. Our recruitment software is so simple and intuitive, you’ll struggle to find anything to ask us.

Need a bigger engine?

Tribepad Pro is a feature-rich talent acquisition platform that sets the standard for enterprise recruitment. Scalable, flexible, and fully configurable to how you work – to take your recruitment into fifth gear.

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Guiding your growth

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