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Attract, onboard and retain top talent with an applicant tracking system and recruitment software already trusted and used at scale by some of the biggest names in retail and hospitality.

retail and hospitality recruitment software
Experts in retail & hospitality hiring
The trusted ATS solution for national brands in retail and hospitality

Tame your volume.

Retail & hospitality hiring can often be a constant uphill battle to recruit quality candidates, quickly, and at scale. we’re here to help you handle mountains of applications fast, without anyone feeling like a number (even when they’re a ‘no’).

Tribepad’s talent acquisition platform powers volume recruitment that doesn’t feel like volume recruitment, with heaps of speedy functionality like smart automation, templates, job cloning, and bulk actions. Plus excellent Onboarding that gets your new recruits delivering value fast.

Tame your volume in retail recruitment

Turn the tables on skills shortages.

First Brexit, then the pandemic, retail and hospitality have been hit hard by skills and shortages.

Attract your best candidates back to the workforce, with fabulous employer branding, compelling recruitment marketing campaigns, and a top to toe candidate experience that’s faster, fairer, and far more flexible.

skills shortages in retail
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Take off your managers’ training wheels.

Fast, intuitive, and mobile-friendly, Tribepad is the hands-off way for hiring managers to be hands-on in retail and hospitality.

Our talent acquisition software makes it simple to manage centrally but use locally so it’s got lots of flexible permissions, approvals, workflows, and templates and it’s super simple to use. Your managers will be flying, and you can spot at a glance that everything’s on track.

ATS Candidate Screening

Uncover your ‘people people’

In the retail and hospitality hiring world, you know your employees will work directly with customers and be the face of your business, so it’s important to know you’re hiring people with customer service skills to shine.

Get beyond their CV instantly with Tribepad Video Interviewing. Tribepad comes with a heap of ready-made integrations with fantastic assessment providers too, through our excellent Partner Ecosystem. Your customers will thank you (and the C-Suite too).

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Relied on by the best

What our clients have to say

Make candidates grin, not grimace

When your candidates are juggling a million-and-one applications in an hour on their lunchbreak, there’s no time for second chances.

Tribepad makes wowing candidates simple, delivering a fast, convenient, branded candidate experience that stands out for the right reasons. Treat candidates as ambassadors, not commodities.

Get ahead of the curve

Whether it’s seasonal surges or new openings, Tribepad Core ATS + CRM has heaps of functionality to put you on the front foot.

Use Talent Finder to effortlessly import candidates from external sources and our advanced database to keep track of your talent. Keep talent pools engaged with bulk SMS and email or run targeted recruitment marketing campaigns with our no-code landing page builder and email sequencing. No more pre-holiday panic.

Find your needle in a haystack

A *chefs kiss* chef. A target-smashing store manager. A memory-of-a-lifetime-making hotelier.

Whoever your hard-to-fill, impossible-to-replace superstars are, Tribepad’s Core ATS + CRM makes attracting and hiring them a whole lot easier. And keeping them, with awesome Onboarding that integrates them into your business fast.

Retail and Hospitality Guide

Is it time for new recruitment tech?

Download our step-by-step guide to choosing recruitment software in retail and hospitality, to see how Tribepad helps you rise to meet today’s biggest recruitment challenges.

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