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How Tribepad’s recruitment management system transformed recruitment for two retail giants

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Some of the biggest employers in the world use Tribepad for their recruitment management systems. Those companies come from a range of sectors including retail, where the need to manage a high-volume of candidates is common. In this post, we share how the Tribepad recruitment management system has helped two retail giants transform the way they recruit new employees.    

Working with Tesco

One place to manage and process all your retail positions

You know about Tesco already. Measured by revenue, they are the world’s second largest retailer with stores in 12 countries across Europe and Asia. The company employs more than 500,000 people with over 3500 stores, and 310,000 staff here in the UK.

Tesco started using Tribepad ATS in 2014 and last year, our software helped the company receive and manage 2.8 million job applications. With such a high number of candidates applying for so many jobs, Tesco wanted a single system to manage its recruitment process.

That’s one of the key benefits of Tribepad’s recruitment management system. Having previously managed multiple systems, Tesco now has a much more streamlined workflow. Everything is done through Tribepad ATS, which has made for a quicker, smoother recruitment experience for both Tesco’s HR teams and candidates.

For example, retail companies have a relatively high turnover of staff and often advertise for multiple positions. Before using Tribepad, Tesco’s candidates had to create a new account for every job they wanted to apply for. With Tribepad, candidates create just a single account. That gives them a much better experience and saves Tesco a huge amount of time and money.

Tribepad Recruiter Dashboard for Tesco

Data analytics and centralised reporting system

Being a market leader in a hugely competitive retail industry, Tesco also wanted a better tool for analysing recruitment data. Tribepad features real-time data that gets turned into reports and graphs that are easy to understand. This has made a huge difference to Tesco’s recruitment processes.

Armed with accurate data, the company’s HR managers have been able to quickly spot where things go well and areas for improvement. With Tribepad, they can make informed decisions and focus on the areas that have the most impact on the business and its ROI.

But it’s not just managers that benefit. Tesco’s recruitment teams use the ‘Insights’ features built into Tribepad every single day. It provides a vital overview of all their vacancies and allows them to carry out their day-to-day tasks more quickly and easily than ever before.

Learn more how Tesco used Tribepad’s recruitment management system

As retailers go, they don’t get much bigger than Tesco. You can read more about how the company has used Tribepad to increase its applications and manage the entire recruitment process, from start to finish.

Working with OneStop

Another large retail company that used Tribepad’s recruitment platform to manage its recruitment process is OneStop. The company has more than 850 shops in communities all over England and Wales. Its focus is on being everyone’s local neighbourhood store.

OneStop took advantage of our customisation service at Tribepad. Though Tribepad has hundreds of brilliant built-in features, we can also tweak and tailor the system to fit a company’s particular needs.

That’s what we did with OneStop and it’s had an extremely positive effect on the business. The company’s HR team now use Tribepad ATS to manage their entire recruitment process, from start to finish.

Krystle Spears is Talent People Partner at OneStop: “The team at Tribepad have made our life so easy from design and concept through to a very successful implementation. The team are fantastic to work with, efficient, keeping it simple and do all of the hard work behind the scenes to help us realise our careers and opportunities vision through adapting and evolving the system.

“I have been in the HR team for One Stop for 3 years and without a doubt, this has been the most efficient project with the most positive impact across the store teams.”

OneStop Job Board - Tribepad

Get in touch

Do you work in retail and want to find out more about how Tribepad can improve your company’s recruitment process? Just email or pick up the phone and call 0114 3122 110 to speak to one of our friendly team.


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