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People First, Product Second, Profit Third

Ethical Manifesto

We believe in helping each other level-up, to build a better community and world together. That's what being people first means at Tribepad. We want to know we've done our bit to make the world a better place.

Carbon negative, climate positive

Our mission to make recruitment better for everyone is pointless if we don’t have a planet… We can’t afford to sit on the fence and wait for politicians to do something about climate change. Everyone can make small changes, because collectively we make a huge positive difference.

We’ve offset double the carbon our team and office has generated since we launched in 2008 – and we pledge to plant double the number of trees we need to keep offsetting, every month, forever.

  • We’ve planted nearly half a million trees and pledge to hit 1M by 2025 (putting us in Ecologi’s Global Top Ten)

  • We help our team offset their personal life if they want to, matching the trees required to offset the carbon they’ve used since being born

  • We plant 100 trees to celebrate each team member’s birthday and 1000 trees for each new customer (and we already planted 500 for each existing customer)

  • We’ve funded renewables projects in Honduras, Mexico, India, Vietnam, Brazil, Chile, Indonesia, Bulgaria, Zambia, and many other countries.

Delivering on diversity

Creating better experiences for everyone has always been our #1 priority. That’s why we build the products we build, because the right tech is a springboard – lifting people into roles where they thrive, no matter their gender, race, or anything else.

Over the years, we’ve seen customers make incredible strides on diversity thanks to our talent tech (like Coventry City Council, who increased B.A.M.E applications by 122% using Tribepad).

We’re excited to help teams deliver on their ED&I agendas – not just for their own sake but so we’re all playing our part in creating a fairer, more equal world.

Offering a helping hand up

We believe good deeds done little and often add up to huge change. Everyone should have a decent quality of life.

We work with Kiva to provide carbon neutral microloans for individuals and small businesses globally, to build a better and more sustainable world for themselves, their families, and local communities.

  • We pledge to make $30,000 in microloans every year

  • We’ve funded $40,000 so far, like empowering Keti from Georgia to graduate from university and Lourdes from Ecuador to buy chickens for her farm.

Tribepads Map of lending

Leaving a positive mark on the world

When we say ‘people first, product second, profit third’, we really mean it.

  • We offer heavily discounted or free software to the charity sector

  • We powered the NHS COVID vaccination recruitment program across the UK

  • We launched software to coordinate Sheffield’s COVID volunteer response

  • We fundraise for local and national charities as a team regularly

Proud Sheffielders

We’re proud of our community; giving back is a privilege.

  • We take on annual work experience students and apprentices from the area. And we work with Sheffield University to sponsor PHD projects.

  • We buy as many of our services as possible from local organisations in our region including UK Steel Enterprise, Ask4, Zen and Callwise.

  • We built Tribepad Ventures – an incubator and accelerator for HR tech start-ups in the region, to help other businesses in this space thrive.

Ethics people first

Let's do good business.

We'd love to chat. Not just about our product (although that's always cool) but about any of this stuff. If you're thinking about ways your business could be more ethical and sustainable, we're always happy to share our journey.
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