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Our Ethical Manifesto


People First, Product Second, Profit Third

We’re on a mission to make recruitment fairer, faster, and better for everyone. But that’s pointless if we don’t have a  planet. We can’t afford to sit on the fence and wait for politicians to act. Businesses have the power to be a force for good – not just for stakeholders, but for their people, the wider community, and the planet.

When we say we’re people first, product second, and profit third, that’s what we mean.

How we show up for people and planet

Joining the B Corporation movement

We’re working towards B Corporation certification at the moment – because we believe in ethical, sustainable business that creates a better world and community. B Corps are verified to meet high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. Certification is a comprehensive, time-consuming, and rigorous process but it’s a journey we knew we wanted to start.

Watch this space…

Moving towards net zero

Reducing our carbon footprint has always been a top priority for us. On the journey to net zero, we’re working with CarbonQuota to measure, reduce, and certify our emissions.

Our total carbon footprint for the year 2021/22 was 136 tonnes of CO2e:

  • Scope 1: 0 tonnes
  • Scope 2: 8 tonnes
  • Scope 3: 128 tonnes


We offset our impact through certified schemes with organisations like Ecologi and we’re working hard to reduce emissions further:

  • Our servers use 100% renewable energy
  • We’re following a clear carbon reduction strategy
  • We conduct robust, transparent ESG reporting

Helping rid the oceans of plastic

Trillions of pieces of plastic pollute our oceans, and it’s getting worse. The Ocean Cleanup is an incredible non-profit tackling the problem by developing technologies to remove plastic from the oceans and the rivers feeding them. That’s something we should all care about, so we support them with a regular monthly donation. We imagine a future where our children’s children can still swim in the sea. (And the fish and turtles can too.)

Combatting carbon

We’ve planted nearly half a million trees and prevented over 3000 tonnes of CO2e being emitted by funding global renewables projects, through Ecologi. We’re even in the global top 20.

(The beady eyed might notice that we’ve *slightly* scaled back here. We’re still investing in trees but we’re channelling our shorter-term efforts into places with an immediate benefit – because the climate crisis is happening now.)

Developing for diversity

Improving fairness is the heart of what we do. The right tech lifts people into roles where they thrive as unique individuals – and all the positives that follow, when you’ve found a brilliant career.

This ethos guides every decision we make about our products. That’s why we’ve won awards celebrating how our tech helps customers support diversity.

Our recruitment software has heaps of functionality to improve ED&I and we’re continuously developing more. We pledge that we’ll never make a profit from diversity features. We’re developing them for everyone, for the greater good.

On our own ED&I journey

We use our own tech to power Tribepad’s hiring. We’re already making great strides towards gender diversity – especially among our senior management team – and we’re working to improve representation across the whole team.

We’re proud of the inclusive, people-first culture we’ve built here. There’s heaps of support on an individual basis to help people thrive with Tribepad.

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Offering a helping hand up

We believe good deeds done little and often add up to huge change. Everyone should have a decent quality of life. We work with Kiva to provide carbon neutral microloans for individuals and small businesses globally, to build a better and more sustainable world for themselves, their families, and local communities.

  • We pledge to fund $30,000 in microloans every year

  • We’ve funded $80,000+ so far, like empowering Nazava Water Filters Kenya to provide safe drinking water to 20,000 rural Kenyans and helping Lourdes from Ecuador buy chickens for her farm.

Tribepads Map of lending

Leaving a positive mark on the world

We’re always looking for ways to level-up our impact.

  • We offer heavily discounted or free software to the charity sector

  • We powered the NHS COVID vaccination recruitment program across the UK

  • We launched software to coordinate Sheffield’s COVID volunteer response

  • We give each team member a charity day annually and match individual donations

  • We’re proud Sheffielders and donate locally to give back to our community

  • We were awarded UK Business Hero status for our COVID support

Let's do good business.

We'd love to chat. Not just about our product (although that's always cool) but about any of this stuff. If you're thinking about ways your business could be more ethical and sustainable, we're always happy to share our journey.
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