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About Tribepad

25 million users in 16 languages – and growing fast

Since our beginnings in 2008, we’ve grown explosively all over the world. Today, one in seven UK jobseekers have applied for an opportunity powered by Tribepad.

How it all began

Solving forehead-crinkling recruitment headaches from the living room.

Our CEO, Dean, started his career as a web developer with a tiny start-up. Fast-forward to 2008 and that tiny start-up had grown to 700+ people with Dean at the helm as CTO – but recruitment had never stopped being a major headache.

Tribepad’s philosophy

People first, product second, profit third.

Dean knew he wanted out of the big corporate world. He wanted to build a tech company that put people above profit – and he wanted to create a genuinely amazing product that solved forehead-crinkling real-world problems.

Dean and Dan (now our CTO), put their heads together in Dean’s living room – and Tribepad was born.

And that’s where our philosophy comes from: People first, product second, profit third.

Environment and Ethics

We are deeply committed to ethical, sustainable business

We know that climate change is a major crisis facing our planet. We can’t afford to sit on the fence and wait for the politicians to do something. We must take action ourselves. Everyone can make small changes, which collectively makes a huge positive difference.

  • Carbon negative, climate positive since 2020

  • $30k carbon neutral microloans

  • Delivering on diversity

Read our Ethical Manifesto

Tribepad over the years

Some Tribepad folks

Our team is here to ensure your success. Here are some of our team who you’ll encounter when you partner with Tribepad.

Dean Sadler

CEO and Co-Founder

Dan Kirkland

CTO/CIO and Co-Founder

Neil Armstrong

Chief Commercial Officer

Tom Webb


Jason Collis

Sales Director

Chris Bussell

Head of Service Delivery

Ellis Ridge

Service Delivery Manager

Chris Redhead

Senior Account Manager

Samantha Milne

Head of Support

Emily Black

Operational Support Executive

James Cooper

Service Support Analyst

Dan Mortimer

Marketing Manager
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We believe in loving what you do. That’s why we built Tribepad.

Tribepad is the only enterprise talent acquisition suite that’s both extremely powerful and extremely easy to use. So you can overcome your biggest recruitment challenges – and focus on what you love about recruiting.

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