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Tribepad for complexity

Take complex recruitment in your stride

From joint ventures to mergers; seasonal surges to skills shortages, Tribepad helps you square up to today's biggest recruitment challenges.

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Connective tissue for dispersed recruitment

Maybe your organisation operates remotely or embraces hybrid work. Maybe your recruiters, hiring managers and/or candidates are flung to the far corners of the world, across numerous global sites. Tribepad joins those dots, empowering seamless location-agnostic recruitment. Because distance shouldn't be a competitive disadvantage.

  • Advanced video interviewing platform with pre-recorded video, and a host of embedded features for faster, simpler collaboration

  • Multi-language support with full platform translation into 19 languages and video interview transcription in 11 languages

  • Multi-language branded email packs with 250+ templates, selectable on a by-role basis, to take recruitment international with a click

  • Multi-location jobs – post one job for multiple locations with a click, with available job boards configurable by-user for effortless distribution

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  • Comprehensive digital automation and collaboration including:

    • Easy-to-set and extremely configurable internal workflows
    • Flexible requisitions process supporting four levels of authorisation
    • Permissions configured around your exact needs and hierarchy
    • Streamlined, minimalistic views to show only what’s relevant
    • Quick-action mobile-first dashboard for hiring managers
    • Alerts, mentions, progress updates, and automated task reminders
    • Speedy interview scheduling with pre-set slots and Office365 calendar integration
  • Self-service portal empowers candidates to manage applications and find information independently, without waiting for answers across time-zones

  • Digital onboarding including e-contract management and automated checks, to trigger onboarding workflows tailored by-role in moments.

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Turn multi-team chaos into consistency

If you’re a multi-brand company, going through merger and acquisition, or part of a joint-venture, recruitment can easily become a casualty of chaos. Separate teams; separate processes; separate challenges and priorities: a recipe for disaster.

Maintaining different recruitment systems means you’re much less time- and cost-efficient than you could be – but wedging all teams into one mould is counterintuitive.

Tribepad empowers you to realise economies of scale and introduce consistency into your process – crucial to ED&I and candidate experience – while maintaining the nuances that make each part of your team unique.

Beat the skills shortages and high turnover cycle

Skills shortages raise the burden on recruitment, slow time-to-hire and increase recruitment costs, leaving roles unfilled for longer. Unfilled roles hurt productivity, morale, and engagement, exacerbating turnover. Turnover re-raises the burden on recruitment and exacerbates skills shortages.

Teams get pulled into this vicious cycle, firefighting with little time left for strategic growth. Recruitment isn?t the only answer. But Tribepad helps recruitment play a major part.

  • Widen your applicant pool with our extensive ED&I functionality

  • Increase application volume with engaging ads, broader distribution, and an easier application process

  • Increase application completions and boost your employer brand, with a modern, fast, mobile-first candidate experience

  • Create a thriving talent pipeline, building talent pools around key skills needs and engaging them with our intuitive no-code campaign manager

  • Discover hidden gems in your database with advanced search, tags, filters, and AI-suggestion

  • Build a thriving referrals channel and boost quality-of-hire, with the Employee Referrals Centre

  • Trim the fat from your recruitment with our efficiency-led design and extremely configurable platform, to stop losing out on great candidates

  • Redistribute talent to cover critical skills gaps, with internal mobility functionality

  • Ease existing employees – workloads and boost satisfaction by covering absences and ad-hoc gaps with Tribepad Flex

  • Deliver seamless digital onboarding, to increase new hire retention by 50% and new hire productivity by 62%

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