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Tribepad Onboarding

Make delivering world-class onboarding effortless with highly configurable and exceptionally easy-to-use onboarding software from Tribepad.

Do your employer brand justice and help new starters shine.

Protect your investment in recruitment

Best-in-class onboarding software delivers...

Greater new hire productivity (Harvard Business Review)

Greater new hire retention (Harvard Business Review)

Happier hiring managers (Aberdeen Group)

Tribepad Onboarding makes building a best-in-class employee onboarding function faster and easier - to deliver better outcomes for everyone:

Give your new starters a great start

Build the foundation for career-long engagement and productivity

  • Reassure new hires’ they made the right choice joining you

  • Mitigate nerves by pre-empting questions and showing you care

  • Increase new hires’ confidence that they’re equipped to do a great job


Ensure recruiters’ hard work pays off

Decrease early attrition to avoid costly, time-intensive rehiring

  • Deliver on the promises of your candidate experience

  • Earn credibility by delivering hires that hit the ground running

  • Create a standout experience that snowballs into future referrals

Empower hiring managers to build stronger teams

Get new hires who have the impact you hired them for, faster

  • Decrease time-to-productivity and team time-lost to training

  • Ensure new hires slot into team culture without friction

  • Reduce manual admin burden and chasing from HR

Make HR’s lives easier

Deliver a consistent, compliant onboarding journey, effortlessly

  • Improve cross-functional collaboration and cull manual chasing

  • Save hours by automating and digitising contract management

  • Cement employer brand to improve engagement and retention

Team meeting

Seamless cross-functional collaboration

Empower HR, recruiters and hiring managers to work seamlessly together, with an intuitive, colour-coded employee onboarding dashboard. Understand holistic candidate progress at-a-glance or drill into specific new employees with outstanding tasks. With flagging to highlight urgent incomplete tasks.

Automated task completion reminders – with custom intervals and task owners – keep everyone effortlessly on track, without chasing.

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