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Flying starts start here

Build an onboarding process that's simple for you and engaging for them. Roll out the red carpet and welcome your people home.

Great onboarding delivers

Tiny effort, big results

Greater new hire productivity (Harvard Business Review)

Greater new hire retention (Harvard Business Review)

Happier hiring managers (Aberdeen Group)

Tribepad Onboarding makes ‘great’ easy.

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Great first days, moments away

Reassure new hires they’ve made the right call, handle their nerves, and boost their confidence. For first days that fly by, and careers that last.

No more unexpected leavers

Early attrition is bad for everyone. Tribepad Onboarding delivers awesome early hire experiences that keep your great people as your people.

Make hiring managers happy

Get new hires who do what you hired them for, faster. Decrease time-to-productivity and time-lost to training, and slide new hires straight into teams that feel like home.

HR’s life just got way easier

Easy compliance, less chasing. Tribepad Onboarding save hours by automating and digitising contract management. With heaps of features for easier collaboration.

Team meeting

Play better together

It takes a family to raise a new hire right. Tribepad Onboarding makes collaboration easy, with an intuitive colour-coded dashboard for HR, recruiters, and hiring managers.

Close the cracks so no new hires slip through, with progress summaries, flagging, and reminders when action’s needed.

Looking for something smaller?

Tribepad Gro is our pre-built, plug-and-play talent acquisition platform for growing businesses of up to 750 people. Perfect if you need the bells without the whistles.

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