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G4S: Improving Onboarding and Compliance

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As one of the world’s leading security groups, G4S is responsible for the outsourcing of business processes to governments and businesses around the globe. G4S needed to modernise and standardise their onboarding to improve consistency and make compliance as easy as possible.

The challenge

G4S found that their paper-based onboarding process had become too time-consuming and was very inefficient. This led to a poor candidate experience and lots of work for their teams. Also compliance is absolutely vital to G4S, so they needed a way to ensure all offices were using the latest version of documents and that everything was traceable.

G4S Car America

Our solution

Digital onboarding with central control

The new onboarding platform has allowed G4S to gain control of their onboarding and realign the entire structure and process. This has allowed hundreds of field personnel across the nation to focus on recruiting and engagement as opposed to focusing on witnessing large quantities of forms being read.

Ensuring consistency and compliance

Instant changes to documents and processes ensures compliance and related forms and policies are consistent and compliant. Candidates now receive only the most up to date information across the company. All documents are time and IP stamped when read, so everything is traceable.

Built to suit their needs

Being able to customise the whole process was essential for it to meet the complex and rigorous needs of G4S. Working closely together to understand their
needs we helped push them even further than they thought they could go.

Great experience

The new onboarding solution is faster and easier to use for both the candidate and the G4S team. Candidates no longer complain about how much they have to read. They can now log in and read at their leisure, from any device. This has lead to candidates having a much greater first impression of G4S.

Tribepad has truly been a game-changer for G4S and there are no impossible tasks with the Tribepad team. They’ve helped us achieve far better than we imagined. We have shortened our in-person onboarding process from an average of 2 hours to 20 minutes. Tribepad is the definition of a true partner. We look forward to continuing this relationship well into the future.

Melinda Bishop
Senior Director, HR Technology and Compliance, G4S Secure Solutions (USA) Inc.

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