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Supporting social housing organisations, housing associations and charities to find the right people, and continue to find homes for the UK's most vulnerable people.

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Gain the edge in a competitive social housing talent pool

Whether you’re recruiting Development Managers, Assessors, Tradespeople, Customer Service Reps, or one of the many other critical day-to-day roles for your business, it’s a tough gig right now.

An ATS like Tribepad gives you a leg-up above the competition, with slick integrations and a speedy process, allowing you to find the best people and get them to day 1 faster.

Pack up the tedious systems and inefficient processes, grab the keys to a leading applicant tracking system, and move into a new age of social housing recruitment.


Overcoming the skills gap in social housing recruitment

Struggling to find qualified people? You’re not alone.

With many social housing organisations citing skills and appropriate experience as the leading issue when it comes to finding the right people, you need a tool designed to help you sift through high volumes of applicants, identify the most qualified talent for the role, and fast-track applications from the most suitable candidates.

Tribepad does exactly that, and way more…


Squash endless agency spending

When every penny counts, agency costs to fill constantly churning positions can be a huge sponge on your organisation’s financial resources.

Tribepad’s end-to-end Applicant Tracking System allows you to take control of your own hiring, massively reduces reliance on third party recruiters to find and nurture top candidates, and gives you the power to create onboarding experiences that convert to happy, excited employees.

Plus, creating a talent pool of great people protects you from future spend, and makes your recruitment processes more efficient in the long run.

talent search housing

Cut through employee churn like butter!

It’s hard enough to fill the roles you have now, without creating more of them through high attrition rates, and seeing talented and knowledgeable people walking out of the door. Losing good people costs money, and de-stabilises your critical business functions.

Tribepad empowers social housing organisations to minimise turnover with top class onboarding, proven to reduce early attrition and improve day-one productivity.

Tribepad onboarding in healthcare

Be the shining light with employer branding

It’s no secret that social housing has been detrimentally impacted by reputational issues in recent years, and struggled to attract talent as a result.

With Tribepad, you can buck that trend, and build an Employer Value Proposition that helps your brand shine, and gives candidates an insight into your policies and values, and what working for your business really means.

social housing branding

Hit your targets on Equality, Diversity & Inclusion

Commit to fair, inclusive recruitment – and build a workforce that truly represents the constituents you serve.

Tribepad makes doing the right thing easy, with powerful diversity features like optional anonymised applications, gold-standard AAA and ADA accessible careers sites, and a suite of ED&I reports.

Modernise your candidate experience

Have fewer dropouts, and more engaged, excited candidates who can’t wait to join you.

Exceed expectations with a fast, intuitive and personalised candidate experience that leads the way in the social housing sector and gives you a leap over the competition.

You can take advantage of a range of features to help you field large amounts of applications, saying no in the right way, and ensuring your brand position stays in tact, whether a candidate is successful or not.


Candidate attraction, done right!

Make every part of your candidate attraction strategy tick, from media rich job ads and the opportunity to build top notch templates, to a modern and enticing careers page.

Plus our huge range of job board integrations mean you can share your new career opportunities with ease, and make sure they’re listed in all the places they’re most likely to be found.


Compliance headaches, gone!

Rigorous pre-screening and compliance checks can be a massive cause of delays in hiring, and even lost candidates.

Tribepad comes with comprehensive, customisable and automated pre-screening, so you bring the right people into your business, and save loads of time and admin with integrations.

We’ve been able to do exactly this for our clients in private care and local government, so we know what we’re talking about!

ATS Candidate Screening

Real insights, real value

Any investment needs to show return, no more so than in a social housing industry with tight purse strings.

Tribepad lets you build a recruitment function that stands up to scrutiny and makes it easy to show the value in your investment, and in your team.

benefit from best-in-class reporting functionality, to increase visibility across your recruitment, prove compliance, maintain accountability and identify new opportunities to improve and course-correct.

Tech that’s redefining Social Housing Recruitment

With four powerful add-as-you-need modules, Tribepad’s secure talent acquisition software is a smarter way for social housing associations to handle end-to-end recruitment.

employer branding in healthcare

Hire 50% faster

With comprehensive automation, a mammoth template library and workflows configured for everything your team needs to get done, Tribepad delivers efficiencies that save you time and money.

You’ll reduce your admin burden by 25% and accelerate time-to-hire by 50%. Sticking with the old way simply doesn’t make sense.

Trust our cast-iron security

Tribepad is an approved G-Cloud 12 supplier, so you can trust our platform complies with the most stringent standards.

We store data in diverse ISO27001-compliant data centres in the UK, develop our software according to OWASP standards and protect our APIs and servers with hardware and software firewalls. Plus we offer a 99.9% uptime SLA.


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