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Tribepad Pro

Officially the Best ATS for Enterprise 2024

A big engine that’s super easy to use, Tribepad’s recruitment software makes the boring things faster, hard stuff simpler, and biased bits fairer.

enterprise ats of year 3

Fall back in love with recruitment

Faster, fairer recruitment for everyone. Simple.

Tribepad Pro is simple, flexible recruitment software for enterprises. Banish hiring headaches and get back to what you love. Helping people find careers they love.

  • Endless admin

  • Repetitive chasing

  • Missing data

  • Frustrated candidates

  • Disengaged hiring managers

  • Spiralling costs

Hello 👋 I'm Matt and I'm here to help.
Matt Ingram-Smith

Big wins, every day.

“Recruitment is a real source of accomplishment in the organisation today. We used to be involved with all sorts of firefighting and dealing with escalations but my role is infinitely easier now. It’s so much faster to bring people into the organisation.”

Paul Lundbeck
People Services Director,
HCRG Care Group
Find out how we modernised recruitment with HCRG Care GroupRead the case study
Better hiring

Core ATS + CRM

Transform how you attract, source, screen,
nurture, engage, and hire. Make wowing
candidates simple with top-to-bottom automation, heaps of configuration options, and beautiful recruitment marketing campaigns.

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Bigger impact

Video Interviewing

Get the right people into the business, faster. One way and live video interviews with AI-assisted scheduling, reviewing, and collaboration to help your team kick recruitment up a gear.

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Brighter futures


Roll out the red carpet and help new starters shine. Build an onboarding process that ticks everyone’s boxes – for happier hiring managers and a more productive pack. Your culture starts here.

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Breezier integrations

Partner Ecosystem

Fewer siloes, more efficiencies. Handle all your recruitment from one hub, whatever tools you like to use. We’ve got best-in-class integrations across every recruitment touchpoint, ready-to-go. Plus impressive in-house development muscle.

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Looking for a smaller size?

Tribepad Gro is our pre-built, plug-and-play talent acquisition platform for growing businesses of up to 750 people. Perfect if you need the bells without the whistles.
Discover Tribepad Gro
Smarter analytics

Showcase your value with better reporting

Prove the impact your team has with our powerful reporting suite. Get meaningful data at the click of a button.

  • 60+ standard templates

  • Anonymised reporting

  • Custom report builder

  • Scheduled reports

  • Track your traffic

  • Effortless auditing

  • Track your candidates

No migration headaches

We have heaps of experience helping businesses switch from old recruitment systems of all shapes and sizes, so you’ll be up, running, and confident before you know it.


Here’s our take. We’d love yours.


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