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Tribepad for diversity

Deliver on your diversity mandate

Build a fair, inclusive process that delivers real change

If you take ED&I seriously, Tribepad’s your partner for progress

We’ve always taken ED&I seriously, because creating better experiences for everyone has always been our #1 priority. (Hence our motto, ‘People first, product second, profit third’.)

With extensive functionality to support fairer, more inclusive hiring, Tribepad empowers you to
eliminate bias, widen talent pools, and build a more diverse and successful workforce.

Discover how Coventry City Council increased B.A.M.E. applications by 122% using Tribepad

Listen to Sam Griffin, Recruitment Manager at Coventry City Council, sharing his team’s journey
improving their ED&I strategy and increasing B.A.M.E. candidates from 18% to 40%.

Widen your talent pools

Tribepad develop to AA accessibility criteria and is OFCCP compliant plus we’re the only talent platform in the world to meet the BBC’s rigorous accessibility criteria.

We’ve supported multiple customers to achieve Disability Confident status and won awards for how our tech supports diversity.

Remove unconscious bias

Anonymous Applications removes identifying information from applications, configurable by role or by user for complete flexibility.

Anonymise video interviews too, with optional AI speech-to-text translation and analysis.

Inclusive interviewing

Improve consistency and increase accountability for diversity with Video Interviewing.

Pre-recorded one-way video interviews offer location-independent interviewing with a host of built-in accessibility features, like bigger buttons, special help menus, additional audio functionality and screen-reader compatible content.

Design for progress

Translate ED&I strategy into everyday action with the most configurable talent acquisition tech you’ll find.

Build effortless processes to operationalise your strategy, like automatically shortlisting candidates from certain backgrounds, notifying recruiters when more sourcing is needed, and delivering tailored workflows depending on diversity questionnaire answers.

Robust reporting

Understand your diversity sticking points with comprehensive, granular diversity reporting, to empower informed action and track progress.

Add pre-built or custom diversity questionnaires into your application flow.

The View

Episode 1 –  Diversity should be everyone’s business

Neil speaks with Zaid Al-Qassab, the Chief Marketing Officer for Channel 4; prior to that, he led huge teams at P&G and BT. Zaid also recently held the Diversity and Inclusion Director role at Channel 4. In this episode we’re going to be chatting about how Channel 4 has become such a champion in the ED&I space; what it looks like on the inside, and most importantly where we go next for society.

Watch episode 1
Diversity should be everyone's business. The View episode 1 with Zaid Al-Qassab, Channel4

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Drive for greater diversity and inclusion sees blind applications surge 271%

Drive for greater diversity and inclusion sees blind applications surge 271%

Diversity and inclusion research shows blind, anonymised job applications surge 271% in a drive for greater diversity and inclusion.

If not now, when If not you, who How recruiters are using Tribepad to deliver on diversity. (1)

If not now, when? If not you, who? How recruiters are using Tribepad to deliver on diversity.

Whether through anonymised applications, talent pooling or in depth reporting, there are many features that can help improve diversity.

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