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Salary, Security and Purpose report cover

Salary, Security and Purpose

Stop the Bias Report Cover

Stop the Bias

End Ghosting 2023 report

The 2023 #EndGhosting Report


State of the Recruitment Sector Report

A deep dive into life on the frontline of talent acquisition.


Your ultimate guide to candidate experience after the pandemic

Stop talking about making the experience better for candidates and start actually working on improving your process. Find ways to capitalize on the Great Reallocation of talent and never miss out on perfect candidates again.


Public Sector Recruitment Software Buyer's Guide

A step-by-step guide to evaluating which recruitment technology will best serve your organisation. (To make small teams and
tight budgets stretch further)

Health and Social Care Buyers Guide

Health and Social Care Recruitment Software Buyer's Guide

A step-by-step guide to evaluating which talent acquisition technology will best serve the people you care for


#EndGhosting Report

An analytical deep-dive into the damage done by failing to give feedback and closure to your candidates.


Navigating the Hybrid Hiring Era

Create a better and fairer candidate experience with the right blend of digital and human hiring strategies.

Hiring Humans Vs Recruitment Robots

Hiring Humans vs Recruitment Robots

How technology is changing recruitment and what that means for your job.

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