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Building a business case

How to build a compelling business case for recruitment software

During the recessions of 1980, 1990, 2000, and the Great Recession, lots of businesses struggled. As you’d expect. What you might not expect is that 9% of companies flourished, outperforming competitors by 10% in sales and profitability.

Let’s not beat about the bush: these are difficult times. The costs of doing business are soaring, and practically every organisation faces major margin pressure.

But being one of the 9% means protecting business-critical functions like recruitment. And not just protecting – optimising.

Today’s biggest recruitment challenges aren’t going away anytime soon. Skills shortages are as big an issue as ever. Turnover is as much a frustration as ever. Great people are as critical to performance as ever.

If you ask the 9% who achieved lasting gains over their competitors, recession is not just a challenge but an opportunity. While other organisations are freezing investment and making do with ‘good enough’ technology, there’s space for forward-looking organisations to sweep in and create a competitive edge.

But, especially now, securing investment for new talent tech can be tough. You need to create a compelling business case that makes investment a no-brainer.

Download our guide and read how in just seven steps, you can build a business case for new talent acquisition software

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