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Tribepad for High Volume Recruitment

Improve high volume recruitment delivery

Get the best people off the market and into your business faster. And protect your employer brand, even with thousands of unsuccessful applicants.

Trim the fat from your recruitment process

Successful volume hiring is about three things: efficiency, speed, and brand protection.

Tribepad covers those bases.

Harnessing comprehensive automation and AI, and with extreme configurability to design the process you need, Tribepad empowers you to reliably bring the best people into the business faster than competitors can. While maintaining an excellent candidate experience.

Start recruiting faster

  • Create jobs almost instantly with unlimited templates

  • Build new application flows in moments with drag-and-drop builder

  • Accelerate approval with flexible authorisation process

  • Distribute jobs to every board and social media site at once

  • Post one job for multiple locations in a single click

A modern blueprint for recruitment reporting that’s genuinely useful (not overwhelming)

Slash sourcing admin

  • Search multiple job boards simultaneously from one dashboard

  • Import candidates direct from boards and social media

  • Unlock your database with advanced search, tags, filters, and suggestion

  • Build talent pools around your core skills needs, for faster, more proactive hiring

  • Build a thriving referrals channel with the Employee Referrals Centre

  • Recruit from your talent communities with SMS and email campaign manager

7 real-world tactics to improve candidate experience

How Tribepad helped Tesco handle one million job applications in three days

As the world’s third-largest retailer, Tesco always see an incredibly high volume of applications – but COVID saw those numbers hitting new heights.

Thanks to Tribepad, Tesco’s recruitment team handled those surges in their stride, successfully hiring 45,000 extra staff to cover sickness and support customer demand.

That’s why Tesco have trusted Tribepad to fuel their global recruitment for nearly a decade.

Increase application completions

Using Tribepad, candidates can create a profile, upload a CV, and submit their application from 1 minute 52-seconds.

  • Mobile-first functionality and design

  • Quick apply from saved profile

  • Social media apply and document import

  • Embedded alerts for incorrect form fields

  • Create application journeys as short and simple as you want

Application time

Turbo-charge collaboration

  • Reduce rework and errors by making it simple for everyone to follow the right process, with extremely configurable permissions and authorisation workflows

  • Turn your recruitment into a lean machine, seizing across-the-board efficiencies with comprehensive automation, alerts, mentions, and updates.

  • Highlight bottlenecks and identify efficiencies at granular level to drive constant improvement, with our comprehensive reporting suite

Team meeting

Accelerate interview scheduling

  • Bulk or individual interview invites

  • Optional candidate self-booking

  • Individual or group interview slots

  • Office365 calendar integration

  • Automated reminders and prompts

  • Drag-and-drop interview workflow builder

Protect your brand

Safeguarding the candidate experience at volume can be challenging. Tribepad makes it simple to be transparent and fast, to give candidates closure.

  • Automated candidate communication with 250+ branded email templates

  • Automated candidate progress updates and alerts

  • Self-service candidate portal to track application progress

  • Automated rejection emails with configurable delays

elevate employer branding

Get hires over the line fast

  • Straightforward onboarding workflow builder with unlimited templates

  • E-contract management with simple contract builder, templates, bulk editing

  • Automated background, criminal record, and financial checks

  • Self-service candidate onboarding portal to reduce questions to HR

  • Recruiter, hiring manager, and candidate action dashboard and task reminders

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