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Tribepad shares top tips for hiring at scale at the In-house Recruitment Virtual Leaders Conference

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What is the In-house Recruitment Virtual Leaders Conference?

The first of its kind from the In-house Recruitment Network, brought together 300 leaders from the Recruitment Industry on the 1st July for a full day virtual event. Attendees were able to view online demos from companies at the cutting edge of recruitment tech. 

What tips do Tribepad have to share? 

With a focus on the big problem that many companies will face in the coming months, that all recruiters will become volume recruiters overnight, Tribepad covered:

  • Exactly how organisations can handle volume recruitment
  • Data, insights and case-studies on some of the UK’s best known companies

Tribepad highlighted two key tools recruiters can use, including Video Interviewing and Onboarding to help with the soaring applications on their way.

You can see the full presentation here:

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