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How to Improve Candidate Experience in the Retail industry

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First of all, why is candidate experience even important?

For a start, the job application process will probably be the first time a candidate interacts with your business on a professional level. Sure, they may know your brand and spend money in your stores, but the hiring process will really set the tone for how the candidate sees you as a potential employer. Set the wrong tone and you’re off to a bad start.

A good candidate experience is also pretty important because people who don’t have a good experience will tell their friends. 78% of people, in fact. That’s a lot of people who could be spreading the (bad) word about your brand if your candidate experience isn’t up to scratch.

What makes a bad candidate experience?

According to people on the job hunt, the top causes of an irritating and off-putting candidate experience are:

  • Unclear application instructions
  • No information about the hiring process
  • Minimal job description
  • Long application process
  • Long hiring process
  • No confirmation email
  • No notice when position filled
  • Unable to contact recruiter

So, how can you improve your candidate experience?

Be transparent.

From the outset, make sure you’re clear about both job, the application and hiring process. It doesn’t have to be blocks of text, be innovative with your job advert. Add a video of a day in the life of a shop assistant or an insight into your company recruitment process.

Make the process quick and easy (and even enjoyable).

Don’t make your application form process too long; only ask the questions that you need to ask. A well-written form can be the key to a straightforward application process. Let candidates upload supporting documentation to their application like a video that shows off their customer skills and personality. Let them blow their own trumpets a little bit.

Try video interviewing; not only will it make life easier for the candidates as they won’t need to travel to your store or office, but it also collapses the recruitment process massively. This way, candidates won’t have to wait as long for that all important yes or no.

Keep candidates updated.

Advances in technology have made it super easy for candidates to apply for thousands of jobs with the click of a button; we’re no longer restricted by how many CVs we can stuff into envelopes in a day. The problem is, with a rise in applications comes a rise in numbers of candidates to keep updated. With the right Applicant Tracking System, candidates can be updated automatically as your recruitment teams move them through the hiring process.

Treat your candidates like you treat your customers.

If you take one thing away from this post, let it be this: treat your candidates like you treat your customers. To treat your customers right, you use a CRM. To treat your candidates right, make sure you’re using an ATS that improves your candidate experience.
Funnily enough, we can help with that. Drop us a line and let us tell you why Tribepad is perfect for making your candidate experience awesome.

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