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How the Hospitality and Retail sector will benefit from video interviewing

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Video interviewing is taking the recruitment industry by storm, and it’s no surprise. It can save time, money, and can ultimately lead to better quality hires. But what’s so great about video interviewing for the hospitality and retail sector?

Both candidates and recruiters are comfortable with video.

Video is now the most thoroughly consumed media; we use it every day from Skype, to GoToMeeting, Snapchat to Facetime. Using a medium that is familiar to both the candidates and your recruiters will help put both parties at ease. The interview can even be conducted on the candidate’s mobile phone, putting them perhaps even more in their comfort zone (as long as their comfort zone has wifi).

It lets candidates show off their personality.

Obviously, writing is an important part of the job hunting process, but is it really the end of the world if there’s a comma splice in an application for a predominantly customer facing role? Video interviewing gives a candidate the opportunity to show off their personality and verbal communication skills and will help you to weed out those who look great on paper but are perhaps aren’t so great at holding a conversation.

Candidates can do it in their own time.

There’s no need for candidates to sneak out of their current job to attend an interview which is especially difficult in a rotored retail role. Video interviewing allows the candidate to respond in their own time from the comfort of their own home, or any preferred location, even whilst on holiday.

It collapses the recruitment process.

Video interviewing can negate the need for candidates to travel to an interview and for recruiters to block out an entire day of interviewing. Recruiters have found that they can conduct 10 times more interviews in an hour when using video. It’s also possible for your recruitment teams to search through video interview scripts for keywords to shortlist applicants and reduce the time even further.

Less time = less money.

Cost per hire is a massive thing that recruitment teams are constantly trying to reduce. It’s an important metric that lets a business measure your return on the time, money, and effort spent hiring quality staff. This can be a difficult metric to reduce in the hospitality and retail sector when your recruitment teams are staffing multiple stores, especially at busy times of the year. Less time spent on the recruitment process means less money spent, it’s that easy.

It can help to remove unconscious bias.

Here at Tribepad, we have a unique feature on our Video Interviewing Platform that allows our customers to conduct video interviews anonymously to remove bias against race, sex or age. Recruiters can screen candidates via video transcripts before seeing the video so that they are making shortlisting decisions based purely on skill, qualifications, and suitability for the role.

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