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Feature Release 3

Here's your quarterly roundup of Tribepad's latest features and how to start using them.

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Watch along as we run through all the features listed below.

Paid Feature

We’ve always integrated with DocuSign, but now we’ve added our own e-sign functionality. It’s super easy to add anywhere you like into contracts, so you don’t need the extra integration to make signing contracts fast and convenient.

It’s pennies compared to third-party offerings and means you don’t need to manage yet another subscription fee.

Aaaand the icing on the cake: we’ve added a cute little pop-up box when candidates receive a contract from you, celebrating the occasion and creating some excitement.

We want this

Paid Feature [Gro customers only]

Gro already comes with the option to add a job search page, but we thought… what if we went better? Instead, Gro users can now use a gorgeous drag-and-drop careers site builder, complete with an accessible best-practice careers site template for you to work from.

Honestly, this one’s a beaut. Add as many pages as you want, specify SEO requirements, add descriptions, drag-and-drop heaps of different components. All with your own branding. All connected automatically to your ATS and jobs, without any work your side.

(P.S. It’s in the pipeline to add this for all Tribepad customers too, so flag if you’re interested. We prioritised Gro first because our Pro customers typically have their careers site sorted already.)

We want this

Free Feature

We’ve added notes into onboarding and added a spiffy new notes editor. You can now add a note to a candidate straight from the onboarding page instead of navigating back to their profile or the job.

Like… ‘on holiday for two weeks, don’t harangue for references 👀’.

Intuitive and pretty – that’s how we roll.

These are live now for everyone who uses onboarding: no action needed.

Free Feature

This one doesn’t need much explaining. We’ve created a customer-facing roadmap that shows the year ahead, so you know what we’re working on and when.

We’re all about making and keeping transparent promises. So you can build your strategy knowing what’s around the corner.

An antidote to chaos and uncertainty, yes please.
Find it here

Free Feature

We’ve now improved how you search, filter, review, and edit jobs through Job Booster, to make promoting your ads easier, faster, and more intuitive. 

If you’re already using it, this update is ready to go.

Not using it?

Job Booster lets you promote ads on an as-you-need, pay-as-you-go basis within Tribepad, instead of managing endless different subscriptions and lengthy contracts.
It’s easier and cheaper long-term and gives you more variety. Lots of things to love.
We want this

Paid Feature [Pro customers only]

If you use Hierarchy, you’ll know you can tailor visibility permissions by lots of stuff including jobs, candidates, questionnaires and insights. We’ve now extended this to include individual questions, contracts, and onboarding workflows so nobody from overlapping teams can see overlapping info here.

Better confidentiality, a cleaner dashboard, and no more crossover errors like sending one team’s question to another team’s candidate. Better for you; better for your candidates.

*Ignore this if you don’t use our Indeed job board feed*
To make our partnership with Indeed work better for you, we’re turning on “disposition data”.
This means we’ll share data with Indeed about how applications are progressing, which they use to improve their role matching recommendations for jobseekers. Ultimately, that’ll improve the candidates you receive – good news.

This is a background change that won’t change how you work with Indeed.

If you prefer to opt out, just let your Account Manager know.

And that’s us, over and out for now.

As ever, grab your account manager if there’s anything you can’t do, don’t have, or want to discuss. Otherwise we’ll be back with your next feature release in a few months’ time.

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