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Feature Release 4

Here's your quarterly roundup of Tribepad's latest features and how to start using them.

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Watch along as we run through all the features listed below.

Platform updates no longer immediate

Lots of you told us you didn’t like us rolling out updates without warning (especially during busy seasonal times 👀) so we’re tweaking how we release product enhancements.

Each quarter like normal we’ll let you know which features have been updated, but now you’ll have around four weeks’ breathing space before we switch it on.

This release’s updates will go live on January 16th 2024. If you need more time to get your ducks in a row, let us know by January 9th 2024 and you can delay for six months. 👇



Free feature 

Remembering endless passwords is a hassle. Resetting forgotten passwords even more so. Now when candidates register, apply, or log into Tribepad they can choose to get an email with a Magic Link instead of having to remember a password. Nifty. 

Easier access; less admin hassle. That’s the candidate experience we’re all about.

P.S. You can do this when you log in too 🥳

If you use Job Requisitions, you’ll notice we’ve made heaps of little improvements to make it more intuitive and speedier. Like:

  • Changing location on the main menu
  • More nuanced permissions and visibility
  • Adding an approvals override option for holidays or leavers 
  • Multiple notifications to make sure nothing’s missed
  • Reminder emails to authorisers to keep everyone speedy

Make your complex approval processes faster, so you can start hiring the fabulous people you need. 

We’ve added even more great enhancements to Job Booster…

  • Preview and edit your campaigns before you submit them
  • If you are using single line job description (if not, why not?) it’ll pre-populate the details right there into the post for you
  • Search for and select the job board you want to post on from within Job Booster


Brand new integrations for you

Workforce Planning Experts

“Game-Changing workforce planning approach that transforms HR/TA almost overnight!”

And that’s us, over and out for now.

As ever, grab your account manager if there’s anything you can’t do, don’t have, or want to discuss. Otherwise we’ll be back with your next feature release in a few months’ time.

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