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10 essential features of an Applicant Tracking System

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An applicant tracking system (ATS) is full of features that help streamline the recruitment process. From attracting and managing candidates to providing detailed data analysis, an ATS must perform many roles. But what features must an ATS have that recruiters can’t live without?    

We think our own Tribepad ATS is the most feature-rich ATS on the market. It’s an all-in-one-system that we are constantly developing and you can even work with us to tailor it to your company’s own unique needs and demands.

Based on years of experience building our own award-winning ATS, here is our list of 10 features that we think essential for every company.

10. Flexible vacancy creation process

Each vacancy comes with its own requirements, which can make them difficult to manage, especially at scale. That’s why your ATS should have smart job templates and a transparent vacancy approval process that you can configure role by role. This provides the flexibility to tailor the application process for every vacancy.

9. Clear and engaging careers pages

To attract the best candidates, you need to show off your vacancies. Make sure your ATS offers customisable careers pages that provide clear information in a layout that looks fantastic. And if you want to make a great first impression, look for an ATS that allows you to apply your company’s branding too.  

8. Mobile-first design

Did you know that 77% of job applications are now done on a mobile device? We know that recruiters manage the recruitment process on the go and candidates use their mobile to search and apply for jobs. Your ATS should be designed with mobile in mind, so that it looks gorgeous and works perfectly on every device.

7. Automated tasks

Your company’s ATS should make life easier for your team of recruiters. A key part of that is its ability to automate a range of tasks, including posting to multiple jobs boards and communicating easily with thousands of candidates. If you’ve got the right ATS, you should be able to set things up exactly how you want them – then let it do the rest.

6. Security and stability

When you’re dealing with data, security and stability are absolutely vital. Does your ATS meet the very highest security standards? Check that its platform and customer data are stored in ISO27001-compliant data centres and look for an uptime guarantee. You need a reliable ATS that you know won’t go down at that crucial moment.

5. Advanced searching

Companies choose an ATS because they want an easier way to manage large amounts of information. All systems have search options built right in, but how deep into the data can they take you? Your ATS should be built around a modern, advanced search function that allows you to tweak every variable so you can quickly find exactly what you need.

4. Smart analytics tools

Your ATS should help you analyse as well as manage your recruitment. It should offer analytics and reporting tools that give you vital insights into what’s working well and where things could improve. Your ATS should be equipped to generate reports on a wide range of useful data, including time to hire, cost of acquisition and diversity compliance.

3. Accessibility as standard

Every company’s recruitment process should cater for as many people as possible. Your ATS can play a big role by meeting high standards of accessibility, including for people who are visually impaired or dyslexic. Before you invest in an ATS, check to see if it is built to be accessible to all.

2. Tailored for you

Every company has its own requirements, so you need an ATS that you can configure to your own needs. Can you change settings such as user permissions, administration privilege levels, candidate requirements and features? Look for an ATS that you can tweak, tailor and make your own.

1. First-class support

When you start using any ATS, you’re going to have questions. That’s why it’s crucial that you can access prompt and professional support. Find an ATS that is in regular development and comes with clear support channels, which might include email, phone and live chat built into the system itself.

Learn more about Tribepad ATS

Tribepad ATS is an award-winning applicant tracking system used by some of the biggest organisations in the world. It is packed full of features, including all of those listed above and many more.

To learn more about how Tribepad ATS can transform your recruitment process, contact one of our friendly team by emailing or phoning 0114 3122 110.

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