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Artificial intelligence, online recruitment software and the future of candidate selection

Tags: Recruitment Process, Recruitment Transformation

Technology is getting more sophisticated every day and continually changing the recruitment landscape. Online software such as applicant tracking systems (ATS) have transformed the recruitment process, making it possible to find, hire and manage candidates at scale. Now artificial intelligence (AI) is set to bring yet more innovation to the industry. But how will it change candidate selection and what’s all the fuss about?

The tech behind an ATS

Cloud-based recruitment software has given companies always-on systems that are always up-to-date and packed with handy features. To understand what lies ahead, it’s important to recognise the incredible tools that recruiters have when it comes to managing and choosing candidates.

A great ATS will include:

  • advanced search that can find any word or phrase in a candidate’s profile
  • résumé parsing to automatically extract data from an applicant’s documents to create a candidate profile
  • the ability to create a candidate profile from résumés uploaded from another source, so no jobseeker gets missed
  • a powerful screening process that instantly scans for a particular job skill or relevant work experience, as well as a wide range of filters
  • tools that remove key data that might lead to unconscious bias in the recruitment process
  • easy access to insights and reports that help inform key decisions and improve the entire recruitment process.

As you can tell from this small sample of features, one of the common technologies behind modern recruitment software is automation. The tech is able to save companies time and money by doing a lot of the hard work. That’s where the advancements in AI will perhaps make the most difference in future.

How AI will change recruitment

A recent report by Tractica concluded that revenues from AI were expected to reach $59.8 billion by 2025. This is not just a fad – AI is the technology that will have an impact on all industries, and that includes recruitment.  

Essentially, steered by machine learning, AI is about collecting huge amounts of data and using it to make incredibly accurate predictions and decisions. Companies can take advantage and make almost every part of the recruitment process leaner and more effective.

For example, artificial intelligence can:

  • complete time-consuming and repetitive tasks in a matter of seconds
  • build a detailed picture of each candidate via a wider range of data
  • match keywords in applications to top performers in the business
  • screen candidates based on accurate data before recruiters make the final hiring decisions

For recruiters and companies, artificial intelligence can:

  • find the very best candidates from even the largest talent pools
  • free up time to work on other, more active tasks in the recruitment process, such as interviewing candidates
  • remove the potential for human error or bias
  • improve the candidate experience through instant and consistent communications.

Recruitment is about people, but advancements in technology and especially AI increasingly play a vital role. We’re always busy building the latest tech into our own products and can’t wait to share new features with our customers.

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