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How to provide an exceptional onboarding experience for new employees

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Earlier this year, we launched Tribepad Onboarding – a host of new features that combine to help companies offer new employees a fantastic welcome. Our new tools are proving hugely popular with our customers.

Here are just a few ways that a great onboarding experience benefits everyone, including employees new to your company, your recruitment team, and those hiring managers who want someone who will slot right into their teams.

Great for new starters

Before new employees join a company, they typically need to read and complete a range of forms. That includes health and safety information, contracts and other documentation specific to the business.

Want to make sure new employees don’t waste time on their first day filling out all those mandatory forms? With Tribepad Onboarding, they can do it all through their candidate portal before the big day, leaving them to focus on the more important tasks at hand.

It’s imperative for your business that new starters hit the ground running too. Prior to their first day, they’ll get to grips with the company, its culture and what their responsibilities are. You want them to feel part of the team right from the beginning – a good onboarding experience will see them fit right in.  

Great for recruitment teams

For recruiters, being able to manage onboarding from one place – their employee dashboard – is a huge benefit. They can rest assured that all new employees will have been through the same process and that they will have a good first impression.

But video can also play a vital role in welcoming new starters. Tribepad Onboarding allows recruitment teams to share videos with people about to join the business. Whether it’s a quick hello from the CEO, tour of the office or guide to health and safety, video offers a unique way of communicating and avoiding some of that first-day awkwardness.

All of this gives recruiters the tools they need to make starting work at your company as seamless as possible – with a little personality thrown in too.

Great for hiring managers

Hiring managers want to know that their new starter has been through all the processes necessary and is ready and raring to go.

Come that first day in the office, they do not want to find any surprises or problems come their way. In fact, quite the opposite. They want their new team member to have had a fantastic experience and got the best impression of the company possible.

That’s where Tribepad Onboarding really excels – it helps you offer a consistent, reliable experience across the board. It also allows hiring managers to get both themselves and their wider team involved in the onboarding process too.

Want to know what type of tech your new colleague prefers to use? Need to know their uniform size so they’re all kitted out? Hiring managers can work with recruiters to build an onboarding experience tailored to their requirements.

Ready to give Tribepad a try?

Document request, electronic contracts and videos are all great features built into Tribepad Onboarding, but we’re always working on more. Keep an eye out for extra features coming soon, including the ability to request and manage references from candidates.

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