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NHS trust transforms recruitment through software solution

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NHS trust first in country to break the mould and use recruitment software Tribepad for end to end recruitment.

The Royal Devon University Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust will use recruitment software provider Tribepad for end to end recruitment through its own Career Gateway.

With over 15,000 employees, the Royal Devon wanted to reform their current process and improve the experience of recruiting teams and candidates 

With clear visibility over the entire process, improved ability to engage directly with candidates, and efficient reporting, Tribepad aims to transform the way people are recruited to the Trust through both internal and external recruitment activity. 

How will it work?

  • Adverts are more appealing, visible, accessible and interesting with consistent branding and are bespoke to the Royal Devon.
  • With full integration, recruiting managers will continue to see their adverts on NHS Jobs. When candidates click apply, they will be diverted to the Career Gateway where they will be asked to complete their application. 
  • It will be much easier to supply information in the system – candidates can apply from a mobile device, upload images to support the pre-employment checking process, and review and sign contracts online. They create a personal profile which becomes a CV, and can be updated as required. When they apply for a role their profile is submitted, along with any bespoke questions for that role. 
  • Candidates will be progressed through a seamless journey; from application, screening and selection to hiring and onboarding, with Tribepad automating processes wherever possible, such as reminders for candidates and tasks for hiring managers.
  • The application and onboarding processes have been configured to meet the requirements of the NHS, with the questions and answers tailored to meet the integration requirements of their Employee Staff Record (ESR) system, reference checks, Right to Work, ID checks, registration checks, Occupational Health clearance, and DBS. Candidates will be prompted and reminded to complete them automatically and the same data can be used multiple times, reducing repetition.

As well as improving the candidate experience through a full end to end recruitment journey, it helps to liberate the recruitment team from time consuming administrative tasks and empowers them to be more proactive with their recruitment. 

Tribepad has developed its industry-leading talent acquisition platform to help give power back to the people finders. Powered by award-winning technology, Tribepad makes it easier for recruiters to find the right people, fast. 

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