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Public Sector job applications leap 31% due to Covid

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Our data has revealed that job seekers are flocking to roles in the public sector, as the Covid recession continues to bite the job market.

Our data shows that applications per-role jumped by 31% to 74 candidates per vacancy in the six months to August 2020, compared to the same period last year. Unlike the private sector, where the number of jobs advertised has reduced, the number of roles advertised in local government authorities has grown by 19% year-on-year.

We analysed our clients’ applications across more than 15,000 jobs advertised in the public sector, including councils across Surrey, East Sussex, Brighton, Coventry, Kent, Gloucestershire, Richmond and Wandsworth, as well as the BBC.

In recent months, one city council has seen an increase in Black, Asian and minority ethnicity (B.A.M.E.) candidate applications, with a sharp rise from 18% to 39%, since adopting Tribepad’s anonymous applications feature; which helps reduce unconscious bias in the recruitment process.

Dean Sadler, CEO of Tribepad, comments: “During a recession, the public sector can be seen as a safer employer for many. And throughout the pandemic, many councils have scaled up their hiring for front-line roles, such as health and social care. So finding the right talent to fill these roles, and deliver these critical services has never been more important.”

To modernise processes, public sector organisations frequently use the ‘G-Cloud’ procurement platform run by the Crown Commercial Service – which aims to remove legacy IT barriers by using cloud computing services. Tribepad’s software initiative has been included in the G-Cloud framework for the past four years, targeting public-sector bodies in better managing processes.

Sadler adds: “Many public sector organisations are harnessing technology solutions, to help deliver better hiring outcomes, all whilst saving costs. As G-Cloud 11 comes to an end, and we enter the traditionally busy autumn recruitment period, it’s vital that public sector organisations are ready to manage what’s ahead”.

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