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The importance of OFCCP Compliancy

Tags: Recruitment Process, Stakeholder Engagement

I found an interesting blog post over at upstartHR written by Ben Eubanks. The following phrase, especially caught my attention:

“If you don’t have the data to back up your claims as to why person X was paid differently from person Y and one of them is a minority, we will assume the worst intentions.”

OFCCP compliance
The onus is on the company to prove that they didn’t discriminate against any specific candidate in the recruitment process.
Tribepad has been working on the OFCCP compliance functionality for a number of months now and one of the things we have identified is the amount of data required to be stored to simply “backup your claims”.

We store significant amounts of data on every single click, search or result set within the platform on a per recruiter and per job and per applicant basis. We have also built out a number of new reporting features in order to expose all of the relevant data to “back up those claims”.

For example, we need to be able to show if a candidate was even in the search result set for a specific search, whereabouts in the rankings they sat and if the recruiter looked at their profile and what that did with that candidate. As you can imagine the permutations and combinations of reporting is large and we need to be able to break it down into slices.

We use our proprietary matching engine (TalentMatch) to do the matching and then store in our own proprietary analytics engine (TalentAnalytics) to enable us to do all of this, in real-time.

To learn more about how Tribepad can help you achieve OFCCP compliance please call us on +44 114 3122 110 or drop us an email on

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