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Are your vacancies visible to job candidates?

Tags: Candidate Experience, Employer Brand, Recruitment Marketing

As employers are seeking future recruits, you’ll want to make sure that your vacancies are visible to as many candidates as possible in order to maximise exposure, in the aim of attracting top talent. So how do you know which job boards to post on, which are most effective? You can of course post directly onto your company website and see how many applicants you get.

A lot of employers don’t do enough research as to where they choose to advertise their vacancies. However, this can be vital to finding the right candidate for the vacancy.

Designing a well written and easy to decipher advert, will go far in spreading the word about the open vacancy, however, if it isn’t reaching the right audience, it won’t do you, the recruiter or your company any good at all. If you’re trying to find the right candidates for vacancies, and you’re not reaching them, you’re going to get frustrated. You’ll want to determine where your ad will be the most relevant and get the most views.

Have you thought about trying to find candidates on social media? Not only is it a great place to interact and engage with your audience, choosing the right social media will help you get the right candidates to apply for your vacancies too. Advertising online is very easy, but depending on where you place your ads you will get more applications.

For example, Facebook is the world’s most popular platform for just about everything related to web 2.0s. It’s a great platform to connect with people, in general, but the question here is, where will you find the right talent with the best qualities for the vacancies amongst the millions of other candidates? Try placing more detail about your vacancies on your website and advertise on Facebook groups containing individuals with the skill sets you need. For example if you are looking for web developers, find Facebook groups with a lot of web designers.

Another good place is LinkedIn; this is a fantastic professional social network that is often overlooked by employers. In fact, many people find their dream job from just simply having a profile on LinkedIn and the employers will magically come to them.

With Tribepad’s recruitment technology it’s easy to spread the word about new vacancies having everything in one place. It’s a new and innovative approach for talent acquisition, vacancy job postings and if you’re seeking to locate the right candidate, it’s easier to do when you have a recruitment management system, that tracks and manages all applications.

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