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Why your applicant tracking system must be mobile-optimised

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The number of candidates who start their search for a job on a mobile device is at an all-time high, with millennials topping the list of mobile job searchers. Yet many applicant tracking systems (ATS) still aren’t up to scratch when it comes to mobile accessibility. Making sure your ATS is open to mobile traffic isn’t just a nice-to-have: it’s a business necessity.

Put your user needs first

If candidates are overwhelmingly using mobile to look for vacancies, you should put their needs first. That means designing a user experience which makes it easy to find jobs, submit an application and track applications through to decision.

One of the main objectives for an ATS is to make a complicated HR process seem simple. Important points to think about when putting your user needs first: keep the application process straightforward, and design interactions that are as intuitive as possible for users. First impressions count and remember, this is your potential employee’s first touchpoint with your employer brand.

Most job searches happen on mobiles

Recent estimates suggest that 77% of job searches are conducted on mobile devices. That is the single most compelling reason for why your applicant tracking system should work perfectly on mobile. Simply put, it’s where your most of your potential candidates are.

According to Magdex, 80% of millennials and 60% of 35-50-year-olds are already ‘frequently’ using mobile devices to search for jobs. Make sure that your ATS is compatible with the most common devices and operating systems. Candidates should be able to find your vacancies whether they’re using the latest smartphone or an older tablet, whatever the platform.

You aren’t always at your desk; managing recruitment on the go

Managing your organisation’s recruitment using mobile is good news for recruiters as well as candidates. Sharing information every step of the way helps managers to make decisions quickly. Thanks to developments in mobile, recruiters can now share CVs, applications and other documents easily, wherever they are.

All the major milestones in the recruitment process like interviews can be scheduled quickly and efficiently. Need to change an interview slot or update candidates about a particular development? No problem – communication is immediate and trackable with a mobile-optimised ATS.

Your vacancies become more visible

Thanks to updates to Google’s search algorithm back in 2015, the search giant now ranks mobile-optimised websites higher in search results compared to less responsive ones. The more accessible your applicant tracking system is by a range of mobile devices, the more visible and findable your vacancies will be.

With traffic from mobiles now accounting for up to 76% of total visits to our own website, the rise of mobile seems unstoppable. Google’s practice of rewarding mobile-optimised digital experiences only helps to perpetuate that.

Try Tribepad’s ATS

Tribepad ATS is an award-winning, mobile-first applicant tracking system used by some of the biggest organisations in the world. Learn more about its features and how it works or contact one of our team for an informal chat by emailing or phoning us on 0114 3122 110.

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