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Case Study

Conduit Global: Saving time with Video Interviewing

The challenge

With a small recruitment team and 30 plus new hires each week, scheduling and
conducting face to face interviews was a huge challenge for Conduit Global’s
Carolina office.

They just didn’t have the space, time or man power to conduct the numbers of
interviews needed.

This was creating a poor candidate experience and stress for the whole
recruitment team.

Our solution

Saving time and money

Using Video Interviewing has meant that the Conduit Global team have been able to drastically cut the time and money spent on the interviewing stage of their recruitment process.

Being able to bulk invite candidates to a video interview, which they can complete in their own time, means that there’s no longer a need for hours spent scheduling.

Improving candidate experience

Using Video Interviewing rather than face to face interviews means that candidates have the flexibility to complete their interview when and where they like, working around their busy lives.

Flexibility for candidates and the ability to review and re-record their answers
means that candidates have the greatest opportunity to perform at their best.

Making life easier

Time has been freed up for candidate engagement and improving other areas
of the recruitment process. Recording interview introductions and using prerecorded videos to ask questions maintains that personal touch and keeps candidates engaged, both of which are important for Conduit Global.

Rating and rankings

Scoring candidates and adding comments to their videos keeps everyone aligned and multiple people can review and add notes. Hiring managers can also be invited to review a candidate without needing to take time out to attend an interview.

Time to hire has drastically decreased by 50% – Video Interviewing has been a game-changer. It’s allowed us to meet our fill rate targets for high volume roles, we’re now consistently at 99%, and most importantly improving candidate experience.

Jai Porter, Senior Recruiter, Conduit Global
Jai Porter
Senior Recruiter Conduit Global

Time to hire has drastically decreased by 50% by using Video Interviewing

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