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Pizza Hut Case Study
Case Study

Pizza Hut: A platform fit for the 21st Century

Tags: Recruitment Transformation

Pizza Hut is a subsidiary of Yum! Brands, which operate more than 400 sites in the UK. Pizza Hut used a variety of tools to manage their recruitment process, which caused the recruitment team a heavy administrative burden.

Using the automation within Tribepad ATS helped Pizza Hut’s recruitment team spend more time with candidates.

  • The UK’s first Pizza Hut opened in Islington over 40 years ago
  • Serves more than three million guests per month

The challenge

Pizza Hut needed a recruitment system which was ‘fit for the 21st Century’. Application trends were changing and they needed an ATS that was flexible and able to keep pace with the market changes.

The recruitment team faced many challenges, including:

  • Negative candidate experience and low levels of engagement
  • Difficulty searching vacancies
  • Inability to track recruiter performance
  • Lack of mobile support
  • Navigating recruitment through a franchise landscape

Our solution

Talent pooling

Enables recruiters to locate talent quickly while maintaining high levels of engagement with candidates.

Social media integration

Candidates can register using Facebook and LinkedIn. This improves the application process from the start, auto-filling information such as their
name, email address and age.


Centralised reporting system allows managers to track recruiter performance, whilst identifying the return on investment from job boards.

Groups and communities

Candidates have the ability to engage with recruiters and other candidates.
Recruiters can use these communities to share information such as careers fairs, new vacancies or even insights into the company.


Tribepad gives recruiters the ability to use and personalise templates for questionnaires and job listings, improving the brand image and messaging.

We have a strong relationship with Tribepad, from our Account Manager through to the Support and Training team. We have created a better system for our recruitment team and applicants alike. CV search helps us find the candidates that have shown an interest in us, making it easier to engage with them. The
reporting features ensure we are speaking to our candidates as quickly as possible.

Susan Cairns
People Capability Partner, Pizza Hut

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