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Serco: Making it count

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Serco makes a difference to the lives of millions of people around the world.

Serco provides outsourcing services to national and local governments and some of the world’s leading companies. They operate in schools, prisons, aviation, call centres, transportation and traffic control.

Serco uses Tribepad ATS across Europe and achieved their return on investment goals within the first year.

  • Employs more than 50,000 in 20 countries
  • Been delivering essential services for over 50 years
  • FTSE250 company with £3 billion turnover

The challenge

Serco needed a recruitment platform that could manage large numbers of candidates and help to proactively source talent, while improving the candidate experience.

Candidates were struggling to find vacancies and due to a lack of integration with social networks, the application process was difficult.


  • Low candidate engagement
  • High recruitment agency ad spend
  • No job templates
  • Lots of manual administration
  • No support for internal mobility
  • Impersonal candidate communication
  • Poor reporting functions
  • No mobile device support

Key Requirements:

  • Increased direct hires
  • Reduced agency spend
  • Improved candidate quality

Our solution

Tribepad implemented a new Applicant Tracking System for Serco. The new recruitment software delivered a better candidate experience, whilst improved reporting helped Serco reduce agency spend and deliver internal efficiencies.

Talent pools

Prior to publishing vacancies to job boards, recruiters can now search their talent pools quickly and easily. Using advanced search criteria and skills filters, the right talent can be located within seconds and invited to apply. Search criteria can be saved and used again.

Template questionnaires

Recruiters can use existing questionnaires saved as templates and embed these in the application process, reducing administration time. Questionnaires can be edited and amended with killer and privileged questions to help speed up application sifting.

Powerful reporting

Managers can now view the performance of individual recruiters and teams, making it easy to measure performance. Tribepad Insights also provides Serco with ROI tracking for job boards and agencies.

By focusing on the needs of the people we serve, we’ve enabled our clients to deliver more. CV Search has made it easy to locate talent quickly, filling vacancies with quality talent. Recruiters now have the ability to manage and process candidates more effectively and efficiently, improving the experience for everyone.

Tony Wilson, Serco
Tony Wilson
Recruitment Lead, Serco

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