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Church of England Case Study
Case Study

The Church of England: Putting faith in tech

Tags: Complex Recruitment

The Church of England is a complex organisation that employs more than 1,000 people, over 8,000 Ordained Clergy Post Holders and at any one time more than 10,000 volunteers. Before using Tribepad, all recruitment processes were handled through paper applications and notice boards.

Tribepad ATS has allowed the Church to pull all those threads together into a single modern, digital system.

  • The Church of England comprises of over 16,000 churches and 42 cathedrals throughout the UK.
  • The church believe that by working with others, they can have a greater impact in our communities and on society as a whole.

The challenge

In just three months, we developed a highly customised, multi-branded version of Tribepad ATS for The Church of England. This landmark move from paper to a digital system very quickly transformed the recruitment process for both the Church and the 2,000 people they employ every year. With everything in one place, the Church has been able to create a more streamlined, cost-efficient workflow.

Key Requirements:

  • All-in-one system
  • Consistent user experience
  • Analytics and reports
  • Job board platform

Our solution

User experience for a smooth transition

With no previous experience of working with an ATS, the switch to digital was always a potentially daunting task and a huge change for the Church. However, our support team worked with them to help make sure the process was smooth and seamless. In fact, in just a couple of days, the Church’s team went from not knowing what an ATS was to posting jobs out into the world.

Insights that have impact

One of the key reasons The Church chose Tribepad ATS was for its fantastic analytics and reporting features. It’s given their team access to real-time data that gets quickly translated into reports and graphs that are easy to understand. More importantly, they can use the information to identify successes, spot trends and act on areas for improvement.

New job board platform

The Church also asked us to develop a completely new job board platform for one of its standalone projects called, ‘Do Something You Believe In’. The project is for people and organisations that want to contribute to the common good and it’s the first jobs board of its kind in the UK. The Church use our simple interface to publish and promote vacancies from faith-based organisations that want to offer ‘more than just a job’.

Tribepad has been responsive, flexible and really got to know us.  They worked to extremely tight timescales and we were a demanding client. But they always came to the table with ideas, energy and determination to deliver. Importantly for The Church, Tribepad’s ethos and culture was the right fit for us – an organisation with ethics who treats the staff and partners well

Aaron Werner
HR Systems Manager, Church of England

One of the key reasons The Church chose Tribepad ATS was for its fantastic analytics and reporting features.

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