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Feature Release 2

Here's your quarterly roundup of Tribepad's latest features and how to start using them.

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Watch along as we run through all the features listed below.

Free Feature

Do you remember Clippy, Microsoft Word’s retro paperclip helper?

This is like that, only less annoying and more helpful 😇

Ad Assistant is an integrated helper that springs into action when you’re creating job adverts. Write as you normally would, then Ad Assistant scans, scores, and suggests improvements to make your copy more engaging and inclusive.

Ad Assistant considers:

•    Gender coded language
•    Accessibility best practice
•    Advert length
•    Sentence length
•    Readability

Our whole team’s super proud of this one, especially from an ED&I perspective. One more leap towards stopping bias for good. (And without needing to hire 3rd party ED&I consultants or writers. You’re welcome.)

How do you start using it?

Ad Assistant is only an option *if* you’re using the single line job description functionality we added earlier this year. Not using it? Request it quickly first, here.

Turn on Ad Assistant

Free Feature

Job Booster lets you promote job adverts on an as-you-need, pay-as-you-go basis from within Tribepad, instead of managing heaps of different subscriptions. Late last year we rolled this out to a few customers while we ironed out the creases: now it’s available for free to everyone.

It’s ideal for boards that are super handy sometimes, but not handy enough to justify a lengthy contract.

• Promote jobs wherever’s useful, from one place
• Save money on subscriptions you don’t need
• Streamline costs and management admin
• Take the hassle out of deciding where to post

Job Booster uses AI matching to recommend the right boards and gives you immediate, transparent one-off pricing and time frames. You only pay for the ads you use. 👌🏻

We want this

Free Feature

If you hire internal and external applicants for roles, they don’t need the same onboarding journey. You don’t want to ask returning hires for the same stock HR info. And they definitely don’t want to share, share, and reshare it.

We know it’s been irritating to sort that out manually and deal with frustrated candidates.

Now you can easily tailor onboarding packs to internal and external candidates, so they automatically send the right workflows to the right people.

Smoother internal mobility; less faff.
*No action from you here. If you use Onboarding, this is live already*

Free Feature

Our new PDF builder is an easier way to download an auditable PDF with the right info for the right people (like your HR team or the CQC).

Less: downloading all candidate info into a single PDF then editing it outside Tribepad manually to remove what you don’t need.

More: specifying inside Tribepad which info you need and instantly generating custom PDFs to suit.

*Nothing to do here. If you use Onboarding, this is live already*

Free Feature

Most recruitment teams today use lots of cool integrations – and that stack’s only getting more complex. We’ve made changes to our integrations workflow to make sure complexity still feels super simple and intuitive.
For recruiters: Relevant post-hire integrations are now shown through Onboarding as well as against candidate profiles. So you don’t need to trawl back through individual candidate applications to, say, see DBS checks.

For candidates: Fewer clicks and a less disjointed process, however many integrations you use.

Complex recruitment that feels simple: ✅

*No action from you here. If you use Onboarding, this is live already*

Free Feature

As we’ve grown our API library, there’s been a wee bit of sprawl…
We’re fixing that by a) making all the APIs work in the same way and b) creating a shiny new portal with instructions.

This’ll take about a year to complete but the five most common APIs are live now, and there’ll be more coming regularly so keep checking back. No more hunting for docs and learning different processes 👀

Check out the API portal

Here’s two things you don’t usually see in the same sentence: save the planet and stay GDPR compliant. But there’s a stronger connection than you might think.

Did you know that data storage has a carbon footprint? In fact, according to Greenly, global data storage now accounts for more carbon emissions than the commercial airline industry. (Right?!)

So we’re doing our bit to cut back. From 16th October 2023 we will store candidate data, including CVs, for two years by default.

This’ll help ensure that you are GDPR compliant as you won’t be holding unneeded personal details. It’ll also speed up running reports as you won’t have to search through loads of old data.

This change is designed to reduce storage space, reduce our environmental impact, and put us in a good position for migrating to Amazon Web Services during 2024.

We’ll be sending more details later this month. And as ever, grab us with any Qs.

And that's just the big stuff.

We’ve got a whole bunch of other updates this quarter for you to take a look at.

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And that’s us, over and out for now.

As ever, grab your account manager if there’s anything you can’t do, don’t have, or want to discuss. Otherwise we’ll be back with your next feature release in a few months’ time.

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