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Entain and Tribepad talk about the finding from the End Ghosting research

Tags: Candidate Experience

We welcome the incredibly talented Global Talent and Development Director, Graeme Johnson from Entain. He chews the fat about the findings in the End Ghosting research with Tribepad’s Neil Armstrong in this virtual fireside chat.

Read more from Graeme and Neil in the report.

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End Ghosting - BMA and Tribepad
Candidate Experience

BMA and Tribepad fireside chat about end ghosting

Phil Moore from BMA and Neil Armstrong from Tribepad talk about the end ghosting campaign.

An industry-wide call to pledge to end ghosting in recruitment
Employer Brand, Recruitment Process, Recruitment Transformation

An industry-wide call to pledge to end ghosting in recruitment

Ghosting hurts. It damages candidates’ self-confidence and leaves them with negative feelings about themselves and the recruiting brand.

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