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End Ghosting 2023 report

The 2023 #EndGhosting Report

Revisiting the call to end ghosting in recruitment with new insight

In 2022 we set up an industry wide campaign to End Ghosting in recruitment after finding out just how often it happens, the impact it has on individuals, and on a company’s reputation. Why? Because we’re on a mission to make recruitment fairer, faster and better for everyone.

We know the landscape is hard – for everyone. Layoffs are occurring, the cost of living crisis is making people reconsider their career moves or take on second jobs, and automated systems are causing a spike in job applications, making it hard for hiring managers to filter through and identify the best people for their vacant positions. Hundreds, if not thousands, apply for every single job. It’s a lot of work for candidates and hirers. Last year we shared how, at the height of the pandemic, Tesco were receiving 300 job applicants for vacancies every single minute. That’s a lot of applications to handle. But they managed to do so while respecting each applicant.

So, a year on, what’s changed? Is ghosting still a challenge candidates are facing? How is it impacting them? How do we ease the strain on HR? And what can we do about this very real challenge? It’s our belief that technology can be the answer – as long as we keep people at the core.

We commissioned an independent survey of over 2,000 people so we could dig a little deeper.

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