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5 reasons your company should use a recruitment management system

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Every company has a recruitment process to help its HR team find and employ new employees. But the bigger and more complex a business becomes, the more challenging it gets to manage and communicate with those potential recruits. That’s where a recruitment management system comes in.  

Thinking about how making a change might improve your own recruitment process? We’ve put together a list of five benefits of using a recruitment management system in your company.

1. Report on key metrics

A recruitment management system typically comes with reporting features that give recruiters access to vital analytics. Once you understand important metrics, such as time to hire and time to interview, you can identify problems and make informed decisions that will improve your recruitment process.

2. Reduce advertising costs

Recruitment can be expensive when it comes to advertising roles. But a recruitment management system allows you to build and then call on a pool of talent before placing adverts elsewhere. Instead of starting from scratch each time, recruiters have a database of pre-screened candidates who have previously signed up and may be qualified for the job. 

3. Reduce admin

Find yourself swamped with documents and confused by using different software for different tasks? With a recruitment management system, you get an all-in-one experience that streamlines the process and includes reporting, hiring, job board posting and more. You can also automate tasks to speed things up, easily see where each candidate is in the process, and use advanced search tools to quickly access their data.

4. Increase quality of hire

Recruitment management systems also help you get the right person for each role. To assess each candidate, recruiters can set questionnaires and situational judgement tests. You can even set ‘killer questions’, which automatically remove or shortlist candidates based on their answers. And being able to customise the recruitment process for every vacancy provides the flexibility you need to find the very best talent.

5. Secure your data

Security is more important than ever now that GDPR rules are in place. Paper-based systems can be lost or stolen, and using multiple pieces of software creates more opportunity for data breaches. But a recruitment management system that meets the highest levels of security will help you keep job and candidate data completely safe and GDPR-compliant. 

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