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5 ways to prepare for your Video Interview

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What’s the best way, for you, the candidate to prepare for a video interview?

What if you’ve never done one before? Our quick simple 5-step guide will help you prepare.

Video interviewing is a great way for companies to connect better with candidates, but also a way for the candidate to make a lasting first impression. They’re convenient for both parties as they can be recorded and reviewed in any location at any time. For the recruiter, it’s a way of seeing more of the candidate than what is just on their CV and for the candidate to really showcase themselves further. It enables the recruiter to find out more about the candidate as an individual, ensuring that the candidate is the right fit for the company.

  • Video interviewing is a supplement to a CV

    This is the opportunity to really bring your CV to life. Make sure in your answers, that you provide further examples of experience that links to the job description. I.e. The job description states that the candidate should have experience of management, therefore in your answer you should tell the recruiter when you’ve demonstrated this. Don’t repeat what’s on your CV, the recruiter has more than likely already read that. Listen to what the questions are really asking you.

  • Block out distractions

    Before you begin your video interview, it’s important to remember that whilst you’re in the comfort of your own home, or in a library, or even a cafe, don’t be overly casual. You’re still being interviewed. It’s easy to forget this when you can’t see a physical recruiter asking the questions. Remember you still need to be heard, you need to not be interrupted and you need to make sure that you’re in a place where you can answer the questions to the best of your ability.

  • Take advantage of a test run

    If you have the option to practice a test question, do it. This not only gets you used to the style of questions that you’ll be asked but also familiarises you with the process and the technology. There’s nothing worse than having a technical glitch because you aren’t used to the software. Is your sound on? Is your microphone on? Is the device you’re using in a secure position and at an angle where the recruiter can see you clearly?

  • Be authentic

    Try your hardest to let your true personality shine. Recruiters aren’t only looking to see how you’re presented, or how you answer the questions but what you’re personality is like. They’ll be considering if you would fit in with the company culture. And don’t forget to make eye contact. Try to avoid watching yourself on the screen and instead, look directly into the camera.

  • As the saying goes, practice makes perfect

    There’s a reason why there are local football teams and England football teams…practice. It’s proven that you’re not an expert until you’ve practiced it and learnt it for 10,000 hours. Ok so you don’t need to practice that much for an interview, but practicing does help. Ask family members or friends to interview you, recording you at the same time. Look back at this, how are you positioned? Do you have a good posture? Are you smiling throughout and making eye contact? Do you rush your answers or stall and stutter? Think about the different ways that you can improve how the recruiter sees you.

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