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Why recruiters need an ATS…and why an ATS needs a recruiter

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Recruitment- ‘the process of finding and hiring the best-qualified candidate (from within or outside of an organization) for a job opening, in a timely and cost effective manner’.
But is that all it is?

Modern recruiters have so many plates to juggle; job advertisement, talent acquisition, CV checking, candidate matching, interviews and of course all the admin work that comes with it. The process is far from simple and you find that larger companies now make use of an Applicant Tracking System or other recruitment platforms. But does recruitment software really improve the hiring process or should we stick with traditional recruitment efforts?

Recruiters react on opinions, consciousness and instinct, all aiding in the process of hiring an individual for a job. These are beneficial to the recruitment process as it allows the recruiter to have an understanding about whether a candidate and their personality would fit in with company culture and the role. These are what computers or rather software lacks. The social element isn’t there… or is it?

Computers, unlike humans don’t get tired. They aren’t biased or have the ability to make unconscious decisions. However, recruitment systems do allow for better organisation, no more physical filing systems. CVs can be checked and filtered in less than 1 second, time is therefore saved and expense reduced. The ATS presents recruiters with a selection of qualified candidates that match positions more effectively, as multiple fields can be used to improve this process i.e. experience, location, qualification, educations, current position.

As for the human touch and social elements? Some ATS’ do have this functionality.

Tribepad’s ATS social elements include:

  • Engaging talent pools; grouping for example by region, skills, successful, unsuccessful candidates plus active and passive candidates. This allows for individuals to be notified about future job openings
  • Resources; A library on the ATS where company documents, tips, insights into the company culture, and with the right permissions the ability to interact with other candidates
  • Templates; the ability to create on brand automated templates to include emails, notifications and regular vacancy advertisements, keeping the consistency and the candidate engaged therefore improving the candidate experience
  • Profile efficiencies; The ability to parse CVs and social media profiles directly into the ATS to create a candidate profile
  • Shared database; multi-managed shared database enabling you to make referrals
  • Video interviewing; this will be introduced before Christmas 2015. Hold first stage pre-screen interviews and see candidates in person at their convenience and with a lot less time and resources, than by face-to-face or by phone

Tribepad’s ATS provides real-time analytics, using extensive data to locate the best talent for the role. Reporting is created in a shorter period of time in comparison to the human recruiter who often compile these manually with extensive spreadsheets. Human expertise, skills and knowledge is still essential however for the entire recruitment process, for example delivering exceptional candidate experience and engaging with candidates on a more personal level, something software cannot achieve. It is therefore important when choosing an Applicant Tracking System, that recruiters don’t just look at the technical elements of the software, but also the social and human elements.

Tribepad can provide you with a no-obligation demo to demonstrate how we can improve your recruitment – get in touch for a free demo. 



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