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How good user experience makes life easier for recruiters

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Recruitment at any level can be a complex process. Internal teams that handle and manage a high volume of applicants need a recruitment system that is clear and easy to use. The user experience is absolutely vital. It can save you and your company several hours every week.

When we built Tribepad ATS, we wanted to create the best user experience on the market. Our applicant tracking software is designed entirely with the people who use it in mind. Every feature and every part of its user interface has been developed to make life easier for both recruiters and applicants.

How does good User Experience help recruiters?

The term UX (User eXperience) is typically used when talking about how a person interacts with a company, product or service. When it comes to recruitment software, good UX allows recruiters to do what they need to intuitively and with minimum fuss. The software gets out of the way and makes it easy for you to do your job.

If you deal with lots of applicants, you are dealing with large amounts of data and making lots of decisions every day. From candidate sourcing and scheduling to onboarding and processing documents, you need a UX that makes the process as efficient as possible.

For the decision makers

But it’s not just the team dealing directly with candidates that benefit from good UX. Senior managers need a system that helps them take a wider look at the recruitment process. How is the labour market changing? Are there any noticeable trends that might affect current recruitment strategy or policy?

Answering these kinds of questions previously took a lot of time and effort. But with a system like Tribepad ATS, which has a UX designed specifically for gathering and displaying data quickly and efficiently, that’s all changed. In just a few clicks or taps, those in charge can access all the analytics they need to make big decisions.

Managing resources

Finally, UX plays an important role in a recruitment team’s resource management. That includes training, gender balancing, succession management, organisation design, attrition improvement, talent management, candidate communications and employer brand management. These are all part of any recruitment system and getting them right is difficult, especially when they are subject to change. But having software with good UX makes life a little easier, whether it being able to easily profile and search a large directory of candidates or having analytics that helps you assess company KPIs.

UX features of Tribepad ATS

Recruitment has never been a straightforward process. The more candidates you have to deal with, the more complex it gets. But that doesn’t mean your recruitment software needs to be complex too. A good UX can make the most complicated of processes seem simple.

Here are some of the ways that the UX in Tribepad is designed to help our clients do their job as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Intuitive pipeline interface

A good UX will save you time. As a recruiter, you want to quickly act on a candidate’s application, whether it’s to reject, shortlist or invite to interview.  Tribepad ATS has an intuitive pipeline interface that allows you to do that individually or in groups. It’s about providing the shortest route possible. If you can help someone complete a task in three clicks, don’t make it take 30.

Optimised for every screen

Most people use a smartphone to send emails, check documents and plenty of other work-related tasks. Why not manage your recruitment process too? Tribepad ATS looks great and works perfectly on all screen sizes. It means busy recruiters and managers can filter candidates using their phone or tablet when they are on the move or working from home.


One of the best ways to streamline the recruitment process is through automation. By allowing the system to take on certain tasks, recruiters are free to work on other things instead. For example, Tribepad ATS can send automated, branded emails to make sure candidates are contacted at different stages of the recruitment process. The data shows that this approach consistently improves candidate engagement.

Set questionnaire thresholds

Tribepad ATS allow you to set upper and lower thresholds for auto-processing candidates. For example, if a questionnaire has a maximum score of 20, candidates who get 15 or above are automatically shortlisted and anyone who scores lower than 10 (for example) is automatically rejected. This process has the potential to reduce the workload by up to 75% and allows the recruiter to focus on the shortlist.

Work with third-parties

There are many tools available that help recruiters tackle different parts of the recruitment process. Tribepad ATS features a candidate-sieving dashboard that integrates seamlessly with third-party candidate tests. For example, it can pull in scores from Gartner SHL, which means you can see scores for numeracy, literacy and psychometrics, all within Tribepad ATS.

Everything in one place

Having so many tools available can be a problem too. If you have candidate information in several places, it can be hard to keep track and the risk of running into problems is higher. Tribepad ATS presents all of your data in one place so, you don’t have to switch between tabs or screens because everything you need is right there in one system.

Killer questions

Some candidates fail to meet mandatory requirements for a role. Filtering those applications out manually can be a frustrating and time-consuming task. With Tribepad ATS, those candidates never get to the point where a recruiter will have to manually sieve them out of the process. By providing specific questions that relate to the role, unsuitable candidates are identified early.

Video interviewing

We are all quite used to using video to communicate with friends, family and colleagues. Tribepad ATS allows you to carry out interviews via video too. Why spend a week arranging 50 phone interviews that each take an hour to complete? With Tribepad, you can build one questionnaire on video interviewing, send one email to 50 candidates and save at least 50 hours, not to mention fewer costs.

Get in touch

There are many other ways that we have built good UX into our products. It’s something we really care about, because we know it makes the recruitment process easier for our clients. Their feedback helps us keep working to make it even better.

We’re always happy to talk about and show off what we do. If you would like to speak to one of our friendly team to find out more, just email or give us a call on 0114 3122 110.

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