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Meet Dan Mortimer – our Marketing Manager talks powerful products and spreading the word

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Every couple of months, we like to introduce one of the Tribepad team to learn more about who they are and what they do. This time round it’s the turn of Dan Mortimer, Marketing Manager at Tribepad who joined us in November 2018.

Dan is settling into his role nicely, so we thought it was time to ask a few questions about his work at Tribepad so far, how we approach marketing as a company, as well as upcoming plans for the year ahead.

What’s your role at Tribepad?

As Marketing Manager, I’m responsible for everything going out the door that people see and hear to do with Tribepad. This includes print, digital, events, awards etc. In everything we create, me and the team need to help companies understand how Tribepad can work with them to improve their recruitment and onboarding. A large part of my role at the moment is talking to clients and listening to their feedback.

What’s your background and what made you want to join the Tribepad team?

What appealed to me about Tribepad is the real focus on clients and producing something that works for them to make their life easier. Recruiting is hard and making people’s lives a little better is something I can totally get on board with. (Plus there is free coffee and Pizza Fridays!)

I started in video production, but have always been interested in business and marketing as it’s a hugely fascinating area that’s always changing and pushing creativity and technology. I’ve worked client and agency-side with businesses of all shapes and sizes across multiple sectors, which gives me a good understanding of what works.

What are you currently working on?

We’ve just been shortlisted for a couple of different awards for the work we’ve done with our clients, which is great. I’m currently organising getting our team and the clients in question there. Our support team are fantastic and we strongly believe in having a close relationship with clients – this is an opportunity for us to celebrate our joint success.

We have lots going on in 2019, but one of the things I will be focusing on most is marketing our Applicant Tracking System. It’s so powerful and transforms recruitment for our clients, but we need to shout about it more. A small but important part of that is pulling together an informative feature list, so clients (and potential clients) can clearly see what Tribepad ATS is capable of and how it can help them.

How do you and the team currently market Tribepad and its products?

In many ways, the products market themselves and that’s why we tend to get a lot of recommendations via existing clients. But we also do a number of things to try and help make sure Tribepad has a great profile in the industry. We’re always updating our website to make sure we are talking about our products in the best possible way, and we publish to our blog on a regular basis. Events and conferences are also a big part of our marketing strategy, as they allow us to get out of the office and speak to potential clients directly. Tribepad has picked up a number of notable awards in the last few years too, which helps get the word out and works as another marketing tool for our team.

What’s your biggest challenge?

There are lots of opportunities, but being a relatively small marketing team, we have to be selective about what we do. There is always new ideas, techniques and technologies so we have to remain focused and select carefully areas to experiment with, grow and develop.

Do you have a favourite Tribepad feature?

I’m a big fan of the smart analytics and reporting tools. The level of detail in the reports you can create from Tribepad ATS is amazing and it helps our clients improve their whole recruitment process, both for the candidate and the company. Having that real data you can analyse and measure against is so powerful for recruitment teams.

In marketing terms, the analytics tool is just one example of where our job is made easier by the products we have. There is a clear, demonstrable benefit to having the reporting tools – once companies see that, it’s easy for them to understand how Tribepad ATS can make a significant difference to their hiring process.

What do you get up to outside of work?

I’m currently 90% of the way through doing up my house, so most evenings are currently spent sanding, sawing, painting or on YouTube learning how to do things like attach a bath panel! When I get the time, I love listening to and making music.

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Learn more about Tribepad

Tribepad ATS is an award-winning, mobile-first applicant tracking system used by some of the biggest organisations in the world. Learn more about its features and how it works.


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