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Samantha Milne, Operational Support Executive

Meet Samantha Milne, our Operational Support Executive

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Yesterday we spoke with Dan Dunford, our Senior Software Engineer. Today, we’d like you to meet Samantha who works in our Operational Support department.

Name: Samantha Milne
Actual Job Title: Operational Support Executive
Alternative Job Title: Ruler of the Super Users

Samantha Milne, Operational Support Executive

My Role at Tribepad:

My role at Tribepad is mainly taking care of our customers’ queries and system problems. I also work closely with the development team to make sure the customer request and support process is as smooth as possible.

I’m also available to our ATS super users (these are usually system gurus from a customer perspective) via live chat about any problems they can’t figure out themselves.

I’m looking to move into account management in the near future which I’m really excited about. It’ll help me build closer relationships with our customers.

My dream job when I was at school was:

When I was at school, I really wanted to work as a bank clerk. I’m really not sure why, I just remember as a child going into banks with my parents and being amazed at how quiet and calm it was.

My first job out of school/uni was:

One of my first jobs was working in an off-licence. It was really interesting; I got the opportunity to chat to people from all walks of life and of all ages. It was really laid back (although not quite as laid back as it might have been as a bank clerk), we’d be able to chat to the customers who’d all have a very interesting story to tell.

How I got from my first job to where I am now:

I’ve worked at Virgin Media providing customer service. I’ve worked at PlusNet where I worked on residential customer accounts. I’ve also worked on the the business team where I was the single point of contact in an evening for business customers.

After working at PlusNet, I then moved on to the BT Global service section where I’d deal with really large companies who would have multiple instances of the global service in their stores.

When (and why) I decided I wanted to work in tech:

To be honest, I kind of fell into the tech industry. I’ve always enjoyed working with people (probably stemming from my days working in the off-licence) and the tech industry is one with plenty of opportunities to work with all kinds of people.

With technology advancing all the time, there is always going to be the need for someone to chat customers through any problems they’re having, so I don’t think I’ll be leaving tech anytime soon.

What I love about working in tech:

It’s really fast paced, no two days are the same, and the challenges of new technology and new problems to solve really push you.

One piece of advice for someone wanting to work their dream job in tech:

Make sure you are thick skinned. Don’t ever think it’s an easy breezy industry, most of the time it’s not. You also need to have a keen eye for detail and be able to speak up!

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